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If you desire to release shame, connect deeper to your physical body and sexual energy, and learn how to activate your sexual magic - this is for you.

*No partner needed - Men & Women Welcome


Humanity at large holds deep shame around our sexual energy and sexual power.  And yet, our sexual energy is innately innocent.  When we reconnect to this innocence, we reclaim our power as creator beings. This isn't just about the act of sex, it is about the power that is held within our sexual energy - creative life force energy.


You desire to create your reality consciously, powerfully, and magically.  You are ready to experience ecstatic bliss and pleasure in all moments of life.  You are ready to be initiated through the gates of your own sexual power.

You know you have the power to create your reality, but maybe you don't always experience that. Sometimes, you can create things clearly, and other times, you cannot. 

You want life to feel ALIVE, pleasurable, and full of bliss and joy.  Maybe you feel this sometimes but find that it doesn't last or that you are unable to hold that vibration.

You want to take your experience as a human deeper.  You want to understand your magical self alongside the beauty and innocence of your sexual magic.

You are ready to release any shame, resistance, and blocks towards your power, your magical self, and your full sexual expression.

You desire to experience Divine Union with yourself, with God, and ultimately with another human.

Why Now?

I have been feeling that radical shifts are happening with regard to our power, our sexual energy that correlates to our personal wealth, and the meaning of resources and prosperity.

Having healed sexual energy that you are connected to intimately will be the way forward to creating wealth.

Gifting yourself this will not only create a life that you adore and experience pleasurable, but it is also the portal to your own prosperity.

You will be reborn into the vibration of your own sexual expression and power - Your Shakti

Be initiated into deeper levels of your power, sensuality, and magic.

You are a magical being.  Life is meant to be challenging but it doesn't need to be a struggle.  With clear methods, we can activate layers of your magical self to enable you to create with more ease, pleasure, and joy.


Body Connection

"I was always a logical, intellectual person who excelled at being strategic and analytical. My mind also never stopped and I constantly experienced body tension and headaches.


Multiple people told me that I just had to get out of my head and into my body. Alara is the only person
who ever taught me how to do this. She was instrumental in coaching me through how to relax my nervous system, as well as my pelvis.


Initially, I didn’t even know I was tense in my pelvis but, in fact, I was constantly clenching all my muscles, restricting energy flow. I was unknowingly restricting my shakti. Although I’m still working on relaxing my nervous system and pelvis.

I now feel safe in my body and particularly my womb, pussy, and heart have more energy running through them than ever before. I orgasm easier too. I’m sure there will be more to come now that I am reconnected to my body." - Client Testimonial

Launches April 16th *Included*

  • 9 Month Full Rebirth Program

  • Live Monthly Group Activations

  • Bi-weekly LIVE Embodiment Sessions 

  • *All recordings available*

  • Group Support

  • Full Course Platform

All for $2222

Early bird - $1800 before 4/9

Payment Plan Options - PayPal Credit, Klarna, Affirm available

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Intimacy & Communication in Relationship

"One of the biggest areas of change for me during the program was relationships. The relationship in which I saw the most change is my romantic partnership. I used to feel that I was transparent, but my partner was guarded. I eventually came to see how I was being equally guarded in my own way. I used to not want to feel like a burden (out of fear of rejection and abandonment), so I would rarely ask for help and would often not share how I was feeling until I believed I was emotionally composed enough to explain it to him. I didn’t see how confusing this was, and it often left him guessing what was going on with me when he could sense something was off.

I have since stopped saying, “Nothing is wrong,” and I now do my best to share with him whatever I’m feeling at the moment, even if I don’t have a reason for it. I have also stopped saying “nothing” when he asks me what he can do. The sense of safety and security I have gained from moments like these is huge, even when nothing has been understood or resolved.

We both feel more secure and relaxed in our relationship; we are constantly getting closer and more intimate, including in the bedroom, and the cycle of letting our guards down only continues." - Client Testimonial

Course Curriculum


  • Learn how to be fully present

  • Learn how to use the power of your breath, sound, and movement to shift energy

  • Connect deeply into your own power

  • Learn how to regulate your nervous system & receive deep nervous system healing

8 Gates

  • A new gate each month - a full month to integrate the energies

  • Gates initiate and open your sexual magic

  • Powerful transformation from within

  • Release shame, distrust, numbness, and grief to embody trust, innocence, love, and ecstasy

  • Be reborn through the Creation point

Kundalini Shakti

  • Activate your Kundalini Shakti

  • Learn how to move it up and through your body for healing, transformation, and sexual magic

  • Breathwork to work with the power of your Shakti

  • Activate radiance, aliveness, and the fountain of youth

More Testimonials & Experiences

"I’ve been blissed out all day!! I think the universe spiked my juice with 🍄😂. The energies feel entirely different in my body.. I feel connected to the Faye’s & had giggle fits with Imayah. Keeping my eyes open has been challenging though & I’ve had to ride the waves & sleep a lot! Loving this level of bliss & acceptance of the love coming into my body. Huge for my nervous system.. 💖"

"I’m feeling a shift.. ❤️‍🔥🌷✨
So much love.. 
Feeling more connected to my womb space & more awareness has come through about why I’ve been sick.. 

This truly is the first year of my life, I’m living without obligations (well as much anyway). I’m not living with anxiety often & my nervous system is more balanced than ever before.. Fucking massive!!! 💖 41yrs old & im finally doing it!!"

"Wow!! Profound! 
I just started chanting
I am love. 
This is love. 
I am sacred. 
This is sacred. 

And it all shifted. My body got lighter. 
And I can observe it instead of being in it. Wow! Wow! Wow!!"

"Feeling the bliss & so much love!! Energy & vitality is high!! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥"

"Something feels new.. It’s this version of me.. I’ve never been so grounded. 

Aware. Able to observe without being attached. ( I haven’t mastered this, I’m definitely improving.) 
This experience coming back has proven to me how much I have grown. 

Yay! I’m happy dancing on the inside! Lol
And I’ve been out eating all weekend & I haven’t got sick"

"Feeling motivated and "alive" in many moments. Am being pulled to integrate ,, that's the word coming to me, need to sit with that and see what more comes through"

"Alara has given me the tools to anchor into the present and to remain fully embodied regardless of outer circumstances. I no longer reach for alcohol to relax and numb myself and am truly amazed that I ever did. I love myself more than I ever thought possible and that love fills my outer world and all of my interactions. 

I am so profoundly grateful for Alara’s guidance and my own courage to go deep. Don’t pass on an opportunity to work with Alara. You’ll be so glad you did!"

"Wow. I’m emerging as the true me. I need to stay centered and balanced. I am integrating, whole, and getting ready to experience fulfillment beyond my wildest dreams. 🥰"

“I can feel my body starting to turn on, and even last night as I was falling asleep, I felt my pussy light up like it was coming online”

"A couple minutes ago, I just got hit with a massive wave of emotion through my heart and a bit my throat. It makes me want to cry, like a deep sadness, along with a huge feeling of liberation and relief."

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