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Alara Sage | Divine Feminine

"Your Ecstatic Self if the realization of Divinity within"

- Alara Sage

My mission is for humanity to remember Unity Consciousness - that we are Divinity in human form.

I didn't go to university.  Instead, I left the country at the age of 19 to travel the world because my intuition told me to.

It changed my life and taught me that my intuition (my Higher Self) truly had my back.

In 2013, I had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening where Shakti energy (creative life force energy) shot through my body, out of my crown, and I went into full-body orgasm - The Ecstatic Self.

I had never had a full-body orgasm, let alone one, while driving my car.  It taught me what I was capable of.

Although I was already a student of enlightenment, the experience activated my deep desire to experience the Ecstatic Self regularly.

I became a student and a teacher of Self-realization, empowerment, and magic. My business entered into 6-digit success.

In 2021 - I had all of my money stolen, and I was taken into deep layers of my own shame and suffering.  My business collapsed, and I began to question why I was doing any of this.

It deeply humbled me and stripped my ego down into deep surrender.

I was initiated into the next level of my being.  

Suffering is grace.  And to be honest, I despised that statement when my money was stolen, and I found everything I had created crumbling before me.

I felt like saying "f*ck you" to God/Source.

And, therefore, my suffering continued.  It continued until I learned the POWER behind it.

Because of that experience, I realigned my mission to assist others to not only move through suffering, but to actually see it as Divinity itself.

Join me in realizing your suffering as grace, awakening to Divinity within, and experiencing the magic of Unity consciousness.


My teachings are based on the Trinity.  Mind, body and spirit.

  • Self-realization (or enlightenment) is the process of realizing yourself as Divinity within the human experience.  This is self-awareness (mindfulness), emotional intelligence, and the ability to utilize the reflection of your physical reality to SEE yourself.

  • Embodiment - is the embodiment of your Higher Self into your human self.  It is the activation of Shakti (creative life force energy) through your body to actualize it into your reality - magic.

  • Genius - this is your greatest gifts being revealed to you so that you can GIVE them - be of service to others. 

Alara Sage - Fun Facts

Fun Facts About Me

  • I have been taught my gifts primarily by my own Higher Self. Though I have had mentors, most of my learning and skills have come through my personal initiations and transformations.

  • I love to hike and connect with Gaia – moving in Gaia. 

  • Obsessed with cacao and maple syrup.  

  • You’ll almost always find me in leggings – because I can sit cross-legged in them all day. 

  • Wearing all the rings on my fingers! 

  • I could not possibly live anywhere where there aren’t majestic, tall, trees and/or the vast, expansive ocean.

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