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Transform the Root cause of why you cannot conceive and become the Mother you know you are meant to be

If you have been trying to conceive, perhaps even diagnosed with various "infertility issues" but KNOW that you are meant to be a mother, then this is for you


Conception is the creative process of the womb. In modern society, the wisdom of the womb and the power of the woman has been left out of conception.

Generations of wounds, trauma, and karma have passed down over thousands of years, increasing the infertility rates in our current society.  Modern medicine doesn't know how to address these root issues and instead only focuses on superficial narratives.  This makes it largely ineffective.  Also, it is invasive and costly and doesn't provide any deep healing or transformation for your being.


As you heal these wounds and reclaim your power, you not only conceive your baby, but you transform your life.


You know that you are meant to be a mother.  Perhaps you have tried conventional methods, and they haven't worked, or you desire to avoid that route altogether.

Either way, you are here on this page for a reason.  You are here because you sense there is more to this than labs and sterile procedures.  Your intuition is guiding you to follow a holistic route that will be nurturing to both you and your baby.

You are ready to be a mother.  You are ready to heal your body and transform yourself to become the mother that you desire to be.

Why Now?

Although women can conceive into their 40s, we all know that there is an actual biological clock to this whole game of conception.  The longer you wait, the less you give yourself the space/time to do this in a relaxed manner.  

It is crucial to start ASAP.  The question isn't why now, the affirmation is right now!  Right now, you start your journey to fertility.  Right now you start to regain the connection to your womb, to your wisdom, to your baby.  RIGHT NOW - is the time.

The soul of your baby awaits this transformation so that it can come into this life with you.

One day, I was sitting in the bathtub, surrounded by water, feeling the "Ma" energy and connecting to the womb.  The Ma told me to start toning (healing sounds), and as I did, a prayer came through that invited the souls that are desiring to incarnate into the space with me.

Immediately, I was surrounded by beautiful beings of light. They filled the space with love, and I started to weep with immense love. They were all so excited about the potential of their incarnation.

But they had a message for me; they needed me to help. They asked me to help the mothers-to-be that they would send to me. Help these women heal their trauma and raise their vibration so that these beings can be conceived in a higher vibration.

I was deeply honored and humbled.  I wept more from the beauty of their request and the energy that I felt from the impact of the next generation being born in this way.

You are one of these mothers-to-be.  It is why you are here.

Many of these high vibrational souls are requiring to be CONCEIVED in high vibrational sex

Allow yourself to be supported during this crucial time of your life.

Join Anytime

  • 6-month hybrid program

  • Full self-study platform (lifetime access)

  • Bi-weekly LIVE Embodiment Sessions 

  • *All recordings available*

  • Three 1:1 Shamanic deep transformation sessions

All for $2500

Or $450/month payment plan

Price increasing to $5000 by August 1st. 3rd Party Payment Plans Also Available

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Course Curriculum


  • Learn the full depth of the creation process.

  • Primary Embodiment breathwork - simple breathwork to become grounded and embodied.

  • Learn how the experience of safety and boundaries has affected your fertility and how to change it.

  • Learn how to harness the power of womb-syncing.

Nervous System Regulation

  • Learn the importance of nervous system regulation for conception.

  • Learn how to regulate your vagus nerve. 

  • Exercise for nervous system regulation.

Month 1    Release & Restore

  • Daily grounding and healing exercise - Divine Trinity to heal

  • Opposites exercise✨ - restores balance to the mind and body

  • Fear release exercise✨ - releases fears without even needing to experience them

  • Parts work✨- identifies the part that is responsible for the infertility and brings it into alignment

  • Doors of perception✨ - choose which perception of yourself (healthy or unhealthy) you want to move forward with.  This is great for women who are in their 40s and believe they are too old to conceive or for those who hold perceptions towards themself and their body that doesn't allow them to conceive.

Month 2     Activate Your Power

  • Daily grounding and healing exercise - Divine Trinity to activate

  • Sexual Energy Healing/Activation✨ - your sexual energy is your creative life force energy.  We must ensure that it is at the highest vibration possible.

  • Primal Image✨ - a primal image is a symbol from the unconscious mind that represents your current beliefs.  We use the image to restore well-being and enhance fertility.

  • Heart Opener✨- using forgiveness, we open your heart towards yourself and other in order to use the power of your heart.

  • Control Room✨ - you are guided to the control room of your body to make adjustments to restore balance and wellbeing to your system.

Month 3    Create!

  • Daily grounding and healing exercise - Divine Trinity and connection to the You that is a mother.

  • Rebirth!✨ - be reborn through the creation point in the energy of the Ma.

  • Inner Body✨- visualization to connect you with your body and life force within.

  • Fertility Rejuvination✨ - rejuvenate the fertility and health of your "garden".

  • Receiving Code Activation✨ - a light activation to allow you to receive your baby fully into your body and life.


  • PCOS✨ - healing light transmission.

  • Endometreosis✨ - healing light transmission.

  • Embryo Transfer✨- healing light transmission to prepare for IVF embryo transfer,

  • Egg Retrieval✨ - healing light transmission to prepare for IVF egg retrieval.

  • Implantation Activation✨ - healing light transmission to activate your body for implantation.

  • Ovulation Light Activation✨ - healing light transmission to activate healthy ovulation.

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