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Free Resorces
Embodied Fertility Site.png

Embodied Fertility

FREE Workshop

Rapidly transcend fear & self doubt - Activate your fertility!

Self Study

Self Study


Deepen into presence &

activate your genius

Self Study Course

Activate Your Sexy


3 Day Workshop To Unlock Your Radiance & Power

Workshop Recording

1:1 Sessions

1:1 Sessions

Shamanic Healing

Womb Shaman.png

Deep energetic healings, timeline shifts, quantum calibration

90min. Session

Group Programs

Grop Programs



Consciously conceive your baby!

3 month program
start anytime

Unity Academy


Experience higher states of Self, deeper experiences of pleasure, and a stronger connection to Source.


8 gates for home.png

8 Gates of Sexual Magic

Heal, Activate, and Liberate your Sexual Power

9 month Group Program

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