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Award Winning Episode

How To Embrace Embodiment For A More Fulfilling Life

“Ultimately, embodiment is the ability of your higher consciousness self to actualize through the physical into the physical reality, '— Alara Sage

Over the last 50 years, the idea of enjoyment and pleasure got married to feeling guilty. Plus, many of us are carrying unreleased trauma, which leaves us walking around with our nervous systems stuck on causing us to be unable to relax and enjoy pleasure and find true fulfillment in life, love, and sex.

So, how can we learn to trust ourselves enough to embrace embodiment, and open our creative minds to live more pleasurable and fulfilled lives?


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The Power of Vulnerability And How Vulnerability Opens Us Up To Our Unique Potential

In this Episode:

● Alara shares her perspective on vulnerability as our willingness to be available to all aspects of ourselves
● The process she went through of learning how to connect and listen to herself led her to be open to others
● How our vulnerability and connection to ourselves make us able to show up very differently to others
● She talks about how she experiences the power of vulnerability in her life
● How she empowers women to connect and have relationships with their selves
● She explains why is the vagus nerve such an intricate part of our being


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The Power Of Vulnerability, Play & Activating Our Feminine Power 

Episode Topic Notes: 

  • Our value and worth as ambitious women are not subject to what we achieve but to who we truly are within ourselves. 

  • Taking off the societal masks and expectations. 

  • What can happen when we reconnect and TUNE into ourselves, our desires, and our own needs for a fulfilling life?

  • Why true fulfillment begins with a deep intimate connection to yourself and giving yourself permission to find what lights you up.

  • Bringing more play into your life can shift your nervous system into creativity and an open state of being. 

  • Becoming a vibrational match to what we want in life. 

  • 5-minute Activation: Connecting with our Womb, Heart, and Intuition.

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Having Pleasure Is Critical To Reducing Anxiety And Stress


In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • Investigating the addiction to fight or flight in society and its impact on the body.

  • Exploring the power of the pleasure mindset and how it can be used to create from a place of surrender.

  • Examining the rise of Kundalini Shakti and the power of feminine energy to create inexhaustible sources of healing and power.

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This isn't Feminism:  Reclaiming The Femme Power Within Us

This episode will indoctrinate you into the world of reclaiming your personal power through pleasure and by reconnecting to your body.  

In this episode Alara & Kim discuss…

  • The feeling that something is missing

  • What depression, burnout, exhaustion and overall unhappiness is telling you

  • The journey from not enjoying sex and being non-orgasmic into exquisite pleasure

  • Creating the space for profound transformation to take place in your life and body

  • Releasing shame from religion around your body and sexuality

  • How this isn’t feminism and what it really is

  • Reclaiming your radical self-love and outrageous pleasure

  • Reclaiming your true authenticity of who you are so you can show up in your life the way you want

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How To Have A Pleasurable, Orgasmic Life

  • My Shakti Awakening

  • What is ecstatic orgasm

  • How to have a pleasurable life and what is a pleasurable life

  • How to bring that pleasure into all areas of life

  • 6 Density states of Bliss

  • Healing early childhood to allow ourselves our full expression

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Shame On Women


During this episode, Romeo, Maria and I have a conversation about sexual shame, particularly with women. 

  • My personal experience with shame

  • How and why we take shame on

  • Shame of the body

  • The 4 Keys to unlock your power

  • Some causes of fatigue and how to habit stack

  • Sacred waters of the woman

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Unlocking Creativity in Your Sacral, Heart, and Third Eye Chakras Through Playfulness

Play isn't something we need to abandon when we grow up! However, it can be hard to imagine exactly what it looks like in a life of responsibility.


Today Alara Sage guides us through the process of

  • Reawakening our innate sense of play to access bliss, joy, love, and peace while

  • Our Chakra systema and our creative nature

  • Healing our nervous system and releasing stored trauma. By unlocking our creativity with play, we can open our sacral, heart, and third eye chakras to allow us to expand into our most authentic, vibrant self!

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