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Embodied Genius

1:1 Premium Mentorship

The embodied woman in her genius is a force like no other.  She has the capacity to directly impact everyone and everything that comes in contact with her.

She is intoxicating and wise.

She is powerful like the ocean yet tender like the breeze.

She is sexy AF yet elegantly graceful and timeless.

She exists within the multidimensional space of no-thing through the container of her womb.

She is what the world has been waiting for, since over 5,000 years.

And she is ready to be reawakened within you.

In my 1:1 containers, I guide, mentor and energetically assist my clients into embodiment.

I have a clear, simple and precise system that will move you through the process.

No matter where you are starting, I can help you to reach such depth and intimacy with your own creative genius that you will no longer need me or anyone else.

If this calls to you, I invite you to apply.  We will connect over zoom and feel into the potential that desires to unfold.

"Alara Sage is world class level" - Donata M.

The work that I do is multidimensional and immensely magical. Synchronicities and divine orchestration move at accelerated speeds when time/space collapses within the container of no-thing.

It is not something that can be fully understood by the mind, AND I understand the desire to have some level of understanding of how I work.  

My 3 Part System


Let go of what does not serve you and become less triggered by others and by life.  Move through life like you are owning the dance floor rather than working the stair stepper.


Feel powerfully relaxed, confident and present in each moment instead of overthinking and blocking the flow of your unique brilliance. Have clarity of direction and action. Experience deep nourishment and connection.


Be "turned on" in life - learn how to use your "turn on" to guide you in life while activating your radiance.  You deserve to experience the true power of the woman you are...orgasmic, powerful and a creative genius.



Alara Sage is powerful, compassionate and divinely orchestrated. There is a connection she has that comes through safely and beautifully in the energy. She is deep, straight forward and loving in her communication. I resonate greatly with her way of energetically and physically communicating. I would recommend her to anyone with an awareness to and on a path of personal development. - Michelle

I never thought of some of the levels in which I am programmed and I'd never thought that any of that programming could even be changed.  As a result of our work together I truly know that we are the only things limiting ourselves.  Everything is within our reach and KNOW that now.  Any passion unused is neglecting to use the gifts that God gave us.  Why would we do that?  I have learned to not just trust God but to trust myself. - Danielle

In short, it is quite difficult to articulate an experience that was divinely connective, transformative, aligning and healing. What I valued and appreciated most about Alara Sage was her unique gift of mediumship using light language and sound that brought through exactly what was needed for my (whole) wellbeing. If you are reading this and are considering working with Alara Sage, I want you to know that you will not be disappointed if you are truly ready to bring in healing and shift your emotional/spiritual foundation. I felt safe as she precisionally guided me through the transformational processes. If I were to use a rating scale, I, hands-down, give her a 5-out-of-5-star rating! - Lorinda

I have been going through tremendous changes within myself and my life and I can safely say that the healing and work that we did together has changed my life.  If you are truly ready to open up and get real with yourself, work with Alara. Alara Sage's guidance and healing is a true gift to whomever chooses to receive. - Bree

Alara Sage is so powerful and I have had much transformation and growth from working with her. She's one of a kind brilliant !! I highly recommend - Kristin

Alara is an extraordinary wise and insightful individual with an amazing gift and gentle heart. She's able to navigate the planes with ease and grace, honing into that crucial aspect needed for healing and translate it into basic language for easy understanding. What she offers is invaluable. I am so very happy to have tapped into such an amazing healer! - Erik

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