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Rewired For Genius

The 4 Keys to Unlocking Your Genius And Embodying Your Full Potential


Alara Sage | Rewired for Genius Course
Alara Sage | Rewired for Genius Course

Embodiment is imperative to manifest what you desire - start here - start now!

Heal your nervous system into a regulated state.

Stop living in tension and force - move into presence and flow.

Learn and implement the 4 keys of embodiment to activate your personal power.

Transform how you show up daily.

5 Module Course

  • Videos and exercises to easily implement the strategies.

  • Easy and quick practices.

  • Healings to transform your nervous system.

  • The truth is that you most likely are not living your full potential, radiance, and authenticity.

    Our society teaches us early on to shut down our authentic and creative nature.

    Alara Sage | You are a genius

    You Are A Genius

    This causes:

    Feelings of disconnection, abandonment

    Distrust for our surroundings and ourselves. 

    Wounding of unworthiness and unfulfillment.

    A dysregulated nervous system which in turn causes a wide array of physical issues including but not limited to: anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD,  depressioninsomniapoor attentionpoor memoryaddictionexhaustion, IBS


    When you regulate your nervous system and learn to embody yourself, you rewire yourself...

    ...not just back to your original state...

    ...but actually into your Next Level Genius!

    Are you ready?

    When you learn to embody your power, authenticity, and genius you can truly create the life that you desire.

    We are meant to live our Heart's Desires.  Embodiment leads you down that path.

    The embodied and regulated YOU experiences:

    Connection, trust, and clear intuitive guidance.

    Magnetism of people and experiences that nourish and support you.

    An experience of deep fulfilment and worthiness as you bring your genius to life.

    A regulated nervous system which allows you to embody more wealth as well as handle stress easier.  Life truly begins to flow, with you on the surfboard!


    What You Get!

    • 5 Module Course

    • Daily Vagus Nerve Healing Exercise

    • Powerful Vagus Nerve Healing Meditations

    • The 4 Keys of Embodiment Explained/Exercises

    • Divine Trinity Meditation

    • Easy daily practices to change your life

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    Alara Sage

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    From my heart to yours, I deeply thank you.  I am grateful that you are here, whether you sign up or not.  I am grateful that you exist and that you are seeking the highest version of yourself.

    Alara Sage

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