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Magic & Alchemy

Tap into your power - Learn Energy Magic

Learn how to scan yourself and bring Self-healing

Connect to your guides

Learn how to clear spaces

Learn basic astral projection

Clarify the 3 primary centers - sacral, heart, pineal

Understanding energy is imperative to moving forward in your life.

Alara Sage

In the past, we have been able to ignore the energetic world.  However, this is no longer the case.

If you desire to create the reality you want, you will have to learn the basics of energy and how to connect to it within yourself and around you.

9 Module Course

Module 1 - Basics of energy work, healing

Module 2 - Working with spaces, healing your Inner Child

Module 3 - About the chakras, scanning your bodies

Module 4 - Connecting to your guides

Module 5 - Healing

Module 6 - The 3 creator centers (sacral, heart, pineal), sacral healing

Module 7 - Questions session, heart chakra healing

Module 8 - 3rd eye chakra healing

Module 9 - Tubes of light, astral travel

Included in the Unity Academy membership

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