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Dark to Light

Learn the 4 primary archetypes of humanity to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Learn Self Awareness

Learn the four archetypes -  lover/prostitute - 

Sovereign/Child - Warrior/Victim 

Learn how to shift and alchemize yourself into the Higher Archtypes

ALL humans work from these primary 4 archetypes.  Knowing which one you are in and how to shift is akin to magic.

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Are you aware of the subconscious archetype that you are functioning in?

Do you know how to identify them and shift yourself into the desires archetype?

This program is deeply transformational simply in the knowledge of its existence.

3 Module Course

Module 1: Self Awareness & Emotional Intelligence

Module 2: Lover Archetype

Module 3: Sovereign/Child Archetype & Warrior/Victim Archetype

Included in the Unity Academy membership

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