From Dark to light

Stop living your life through limitation!

If you truly believe that you are a powerful creator, then why are you not experiencing that in your life?

Deep down, in your subconscious mind, you don't believe it.  Deep down, you believe all that you have been told and taught.

It doesn't matter what you understand.  It doesn't matter what concepts resonate with you.  At the end of the day, if you don't believe it, at the core of your being, you won't create it.


And if you are not creating the most spectacular life that you can imagine and beyond, then you don't truly believe in yourself, your power, or all of the spiritual jargon that resonates with you.

So what are you creating?  You are creating your shadow.  You are creating the limiting beliefs that you were taught, told, shown, and programmed with.  

You are creating a limited life

Most people don't even know what their shadow is. Or, if they do, they don't fully understand the many ways that it shows up in their life.  Do you?

Can you easily, readily and instantly identify your limiting beliefs (aka shadow)?  Can you see where you hold yourself back, the origin of it and be able to shift the energy, and thus the belief, into an empowered state?

Can you move from one experience to the next with full knowing and confidence that you will be able to identify and alchemize your shadow as it arises?

If you cannot, then welcome to the program that will allow you to learn and do just that. This program is foundation of Shakti Ma's Creator Consciousness platform.

Dark to Light subscription program

Receive the Dark to Light program recording which contains:

* Learn about the emotional guidance system

* Learn the basics of Self Awareness


* Learn to identify shadow/limiting beliefs

* Learn how to alchemize shadow

* Place yourself on a path to self mastery

* 3x/month LIVE Q&A with Shakti Ma (60min)

* Access to recordings as long as you remain a member

* Access to a community of support & connection

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