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Empowerment is the ability to express, within a state of alignment, the Higher Mind, the Higher Self. It is the ability to be within the power of its individuated expression whilst connected to the realm of Infinite Potential. In short, Empowerment is the being’s ability to express its power. So lets start there.   The first thing that comes up when one says the word ‘power’, is a triggering of the solar plexus. Within the solar plexus is the perception of power for each person. Most often there is a really important realization that needs to occur within the solar plexus. The first offering is, therefore: What is your perception of power? Because the human mind has played many expressions of power and within the 3rd density it has been of control, manipulation, overpowering, the one being overpowered/ the one being controlled (victim).  This goes into many aspects of the human consciousness–politics, the government, relationships, male/female dynamics, boss/employee dynamics, etc. There are lots of different representations of how power has been misused within the human collective. Attention is drawn here because there is commonly a distortion within the solar plexus with regards to the word ‘power’.  Many people are unconsciously giving away their power on a regular basis because of the fear of what power represents. Conscious individuals who are in a state of service to others are not usually expressing their power as control and domination. However, there are conscious individuals who are in a state of service to others that do have distortions within their power and use it for manipulation and control. So the first thing is to bring awareness to the distortions that exists within yourself. Then, you can move into the understanding of what disempowerment is. Disempowerment is the giving away of one’s power. So what does that really mean? Source energy, or the Infinite One, has infinite potential. Infinite potential to create, to expand, to shift, and to grow. In every moment there is infinite potential for the entity to do as it chooses. Now, there are rules within each density that do restrict certain abilities. These rules are agreed upon by the collective, and though they can be stretched or broken, they take a much higher state of consciousness to do so. Most entities are working within the rules of the current density.   Those restrictions/rules are largely very loose. Specifically with regards to the actualization of each being. Most people simply want to experience the potential of their own personal power within the expression of this density. So while they may find the idea of levitation or the ability to manipulating objects via the mind exciting, it isn’t what most people are working towards.   What most people are looking to achieve is their ability to embody their source energy, to connect to their purpose, to love, bliss, abundance, and wholeness. All of this is through the opportunity of choice, of free will. Each consciousness has access to Free Will, as it is a rule of the Universe. Within every given moment there is infinite potential and Free Will (in accordance with the rules of the density), so disempowerment is when the individual doesn’t fully recognize the potential that exists. This is a narrowing of energy/potential through belief or fear, and ultimately, a choice.   This stems largely by the perception of the individual. The perception of their own ability/capacity/power, the perception of what is occurring within the moment, and the being’s direct relation to what is occurring within the moment. Meaning, the person’s perception of what is capable given a particular circumstance.  One can feel worthy or unworthy, capable or incapable.  For instance, an artist can feel very capable/worthy in a realm of art or an art contest, whereas perhaps you place them in a scientific field, and they feel unworthy and incapable.  In all honesty, that is really based on the perception of self, the identity of self in comparison to their experience. And through that relationship of those two things, on very unconscious levels, the being filters the infinite potential through and down into a narrowed potential. A narrowed possibility.   So the disempowerment is the limiting of the infinite potential through the choice, but furthermore through the perception of what is possible. Both in relation to the self and to the circumstances.  So what is empowerment?  Empowerment is when a being begins to step out of those perceptions of self. Stepping out of the identity and into capability and worthiness within the circumstances and within the self.  Stepping out of all of those constructs and stepping into the connection to the Higher Mind/Higher Self. The Higher Mind is capable and worthy of much more.  When the being steps back into that connection, that natural alignment, then the infinite potential is only narrowed by the Higher Mind’s perception/understanding of its capability and worthiness, which you can imagine is a much broader state. A much clearer state.  Infinite potential is narrowed down to a much vaster probable potential that is aligned with the Higher Self and aligned with the individual’s truest expression of self. There are still the limitations of the agreed upon laws within the density. As well as the experiences, the understanding, the consciousness of the Higher Mind itself, where the being itself has evolved through its various expressions and experiences.  The consciousness level of the Higher Mind will narrow down the infinite potential, but nothing compared to the human mind. The more the individual steps into or connects to the Higher Mind, allowing for any of these limitations to be seen and seeing that they are untrue, then the more potential exists within the being and their empowerment is much vaster. How does one become more empowered?  

  1. Always be aware of one’s beliefs around self worth, identity, capability.  

One example of this is when someone says, “I can’t do this, I’m not good at that, I don’t do that very well.” These are all beliefs within the perspective of their own capability. So they are further amplifying that belief within themselves. Each time they amplify that belief they disempower their own potential.   It is very important to always understand and be aware of how you perceive yourself, what you say about yourself, and what you think of yourself. Because this will become yourself.  

2. Realize the potential that existed before you took on that belief.

When you become aware of a limiting belief or a limiting perspective of yourself, step into the Higher Mind by connecting to the heart, quieting the mind, aligning your identity with the One Infinite Love. Breathe and relax into that space, allowing that belief to be fully seen and realized. Then see, feel the infinite potential that existed before that belief was created or taken on.   As you begin to step into the Higher Mind, you can see the narrowing within that belief and the untruth. You can become connected to the potential that does truly exist within you.   Each individuated expression has specific areas of ‘talent’ so to speak. It is like a colored filter that the One Infinite Love expresses itself through. While not everyone will become an artist within the connection to the Higher Mind, they will and can step into the areas of potential that exist within their own expression.  All beings are capable of abundance, love, prosperity, joy and bliss, which is what most seek in some form or another. Connect to the Higher Mind and connect to the vast potential that you are.

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