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Intuition and fear can be a tricky distinction to make. We all want to trust our intuition, trust our gut. But oftentimes, people find themselves confused by whether what they are feeling is an intuitive hit or gut instinct, or if it is a fear or limiting belief.  Knowing the difference between them and being able to tell which one you are experiencing will help you follow the path most aligned with your truth.


Let’s look at the difference between intuition and fear, also known as limiting belief. We can describe limiting beliefs as a constraining of our infinite self.  It is a belief that narrows our potential into a smaller one. It limits us. It is created from beliefs that we acquired as children, through society/the collective, through experiences, and through other/parallel lives. Our perception of the world can limit and define our reality

Limiting beliefs or fears are contracting energy.  When we are experiencing these energies, we contract ourselves down into smaller spheres into smaller/lesser amounts of potential energy. In a way, we “pull back” or withdraw.

Within every moment there are infinite possibilities.  From where our current state is, our current vibration, there are several probable possibilities. What effect which probable possibilities are available or what they represent is based from our frequency which is based from our belief structures. That which we are believing in any given moment. Our beliefs, what we think, feel and function from, create our current vibration or frequency. This, in turn, attracts the probably possibilities that are most in line with that energy; the law of attraction. So when we have belief structures that are based from ear/lack/distrust/unworthiness etc., these beliefs are actually vibrating within our field and thus, attract frequencies that are in line with that exact vibration.

This takes the energy from infinite potential, not only down into probable potential, but actually down into limited potential. What is referred to by this is that the energy is actually founded from limitation versus abundance, capability, and freedom.

When we are in a restricted state of being, a state of limitation, we are not within freedom. Everything we experience within our reality will reflect our foundation of limitation rather than the infinite beings that we truly are. In this state, it’s very hard to make a distinction between intuition and fear. My post on perception is reality digs into this idea.

Along with the fundamentals that your reality is based off of, and this being a reflection of the limiting beliefs, fears of all experiences will also be filtered through these beliefs. Our chakras are like lenses. Each moment that we experience is filtered through our chakras. Our chakras are a direct representation of our belief structures.With each chakra and each limiting belief, there is a distortion that is created within that chakra.  Then, as we experience each moment, the energy is filtered through that chakra and thus through that limiting belief or fear.

So, your perception is actually based from a filtration system of your beliefs. How you perceive a particular moment or circumstance is largely based on your belief structure. This is why two people from very different foundations can see the same exact circumstance through very different ways.

This is also why our limiting beliefs can affect our intuition. Ultimately, our intuition should be from a state of neutrality but often this is not understood and thus not the case. This is where the confusion around intuition and fear comes from; the intuition itself is also filtered or experienced through the limiting beliefs.


What is intuition?  Intuition is a feeling, knowing, sense, vision, or message that is received from your Higher Self (an expression of you from a higher consciousness) to yourself. It is an internal signal.  

The objective of intuition is to steer you back towards alignment or to keep you there. Alignment is the act of being most in alignment with your true self, being most in alignment, ultimately, with the One Infinite Love.

But alignment doesn’t always look the way that we think that it might, or quite frankly, the way that we would like for it to look. Why? Because our minds, our egos often want our lives to be one way and our truth is asking it to be another way. Of course, with the law of free will, we get to ultimately, choose which path we take and how our lives look. But along the way, our Higher Selves are always attempting to guide us back to the most authentic version of ourselves.

People often speak of an intuitive hit. This is when they sense something about a particular circumstance whether in the current moment or within the perceived future. One thing that is important to understand is that there truly is no future.  

As mentioned above, there are, in any given moment numerous probable possibilities. That means that even if one is set up, vibrationally, for a specific timeline, it can change. It is important to mention this because we can get caught up in premonitions about circumstances without empowering ourselves, instead, to change them.

But whether the hit is concerning the current moment or the perceived future, the most important thing is to be able to distinguish between the information that is presented and the “truth”. What is truth actually? Truth is the neutral state of energy.  Truth is what resides before any other distortions (perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, etc). Truth, is the closest information possible to the One Infinite Love. That is ultimate truth. For each individual, there is the truth within that incarnation, there is what is true for that life so to speak.  What is meant by this is that each life has the lessons, the themes, the challenges and realizations that are set up to be experienced.

Thus, the truths of that incarnation is based off of those. They are not deviations from the One Infinite Love, but they might be subtle distortions in order to focus/narrow in on a given theme.

No matter which level of truth is being referred to, truth is always from the most neutral point possible. Which comes to the point of this article.

When one is working within a limiting belief or fear and is unaware of this, they are in a state of distortion, not truth. If an intuitive hit is received during this, it, too, will be received within a state of distortion.

This is why people often ask what the difference is between intuition and fear or resistance. If one is unclear about whether they are working within a state of neutrality or a state of beliefs, emotions, thoughts, they will have difficulty differentiating the two.

It is important to note that limiting beliefs can be very subtle and can be in various degrees of “limiting”. Not all limiting beliefs are massive or grand, so to speak. This is important to note because we can often feel that we are working within a state of clarity but can still be functioning from a given state of narrowing.

In truth, there will always be some level of limitation or narrowing. Understanding this and accepting it will allow you to reach deeper levels of the self because you will always be striving to be less distorted, less limited.


The key to determining whether something is coming from intuition or fear is to notice if there is emotion attached to the intuitive hit.

If there is emotion attached, no matter what the emotion is, then the intuitive hit is not from a state of neutrality. Ultimately, one can learn to use their emotions as a guidance system within itself, but for the sake of this message, it is easier to understand intuition from a state of neutrality or absence of emotion.

You can relate this to a message that you receive about a stranger versus a message that you receive about yourself. If you have no connection whatsoever to a person and just receive a basic message for them, you will not have any attachment to the message, the outcome, or the person.  But if you receive a message about yourself or someone that you care about, it is much more likely that you will have some sort of reaction.

This is because we have an attachment, a preference, to how our lives are carried out/experienced.  This attachment to our lives is what can cloud our intuition. Our emotional system is a direct link between our emotions and our alignment. Each emotion signals whether we are experiencing something that is in alignment or out of alignment. But until the emotional system is understood in detail, it is easier to use intuition from a  state of neutrality.

Within the state of neutrality, intuition will be direct and clear. So, firstly, is to note whether you are in a state of neutrality or not. You can do this by realizing if you are experiencing any emotion whatsoever.  Be the observer of your life as if, in that moment, it is not your life. To do this, take a deep breathe and relax your awareness, thoughts, perceptions.  Be present with yourself and with your body. Take a moment here to simply let go of everything regarding the topic.  All ideas, wants, desire, and the energy of it entirely. Take a few more breaths as you begin to feel the energy open up and expand. Do this until you reach a feeling of clarity, a feeling as though you are seeing it almost for the first time. Without emotion, and as if the topic didn’t really belong to you. 

Try, from this point to stay within the neutral energy. Try not to bring the topic back too much through thoughts, images, feelings. Then, from this clear state, you can ask a question that you need clarity on.  

I recommend not asking yes or no questions. Instead, try to ask something that is much more open ended, therefore, not allowing your mind to enter here and insert what it desire you to believe.

From this place, after asking the question.  You can see what arises. If the information that comes up triggers emotions again, then you know that it is based on a belief (either positive or negative) rather than from an intuitive hit. If the information arises and seems very clear, very neutral, then you will know that it is direct intuition.

Through practice of this method, your ability to distinguish between intuition and fear / limiting beliefs will grow over time. Intuition is an extraordinary tool once it is fully understood and utilized correctly.

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