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The desire to be someone or something is intrinsic within our being. The first question we are often asked by someone we meet is, “What do you do?”  Our society, and ourselves, have placed great value within this perception of who we are.

But what if what we do, or who we are, has nothing to do with the real Self?  What if our being is not our expression, but our expression is only a portion of our being?

We often talk about or refer to ‘being the lighthouse for others’.  Shining our light so that others can have something to follow, a path to see. When we begin to understand that the light that is within the lighthouse is our own actual Self, then we will begin to understand who we truly are.

That light is the One Infinite Love of our being. It is the light that exists within all of existence itself. It is the light that is the substratum of all of creation. The primary essence of that light is the same within everything. Whether we are talking about something that is solid and dark colored, or something bright like a rainbow, the essence of both objects are of this One Infinite Love.

What makes the rainbow different than the solid object is the lens or the expression of the light itself. How the light is filtered, molded and compressed or diluted is how the holographic experience is then expressed.

So what does this mean? It means that everything is of the One Infinite Love and that everything is, then, consciousness. Even the solid objects are consciousness. Even the air is consciousness.

To begin to view the world, our reality, in this way begins to first open us up to the vastness of our being and also to the concept of unity. If everything truly is the same essence, the same consciousness, how could it be anything but one?

When we then take this idea, concept, down into the individual being, we begin to understand the personalized, individualized experience. Each individual is like a lighthouse. The light being the substratum of the creation. The lighthouse being the individual. How that lighthouse appears on the outside, what it is made of, how high it is, what year it was built, is irrelevant to the light that shines within. The light itself is the same. However, the brightness of that light, the ability of that light to project out to a given distance, the intensity of that light, solely depends upon the ability of the lighthouse to “house” that light. The ability of the vessel to allow the purity of the light to actually shine through.

So there is the actual purity, so to speak, of the lighthouse itself. The cleaner the glass around the lightbulb, the larger the lightbulb, the more light the lighthouse is  able to express outward. The cleaner the glass around the lighthouse will also dictate its ability to fully shine. We can see this within our own individual expression that the more connected we are to the One Infinite Love, the bigger our lightbulb is. The more we realize that we are the One Infinite Love, the more we accept that understanding, embrace it and feel worthy of it. The larger capacity of light can be present within us. Technically, it is never notpresent. But it is the aforementioned items that give us permission to access, to allow, such capacity to be known.

Also the level of distortions within our vessel, within the chakras, the subconscious and the conscious, either allow that brilliance to be seen from the external reality or is clouded by the smudges of our limiting beliefs, attachments and mental constructs.

This is all simply the structure of the lighthouse itself. Its ability to perform its task of eminanting light to its surroundings  Its ability to shine through fog, rain or other dense matters. Its ability to illuminate its entire surroundings and thus be completely immersed in light. Having the light of its own being BE its direct reality.

Within our experience, the more we can connect to the One Infinite Love, the more we can accept and be worthy of the intense light within, coupled with the clarity of our vessel, of our thoughts, of our beliefs. Then the more we can emanate the light that we are put into our reality. This light being seen within our direct experience. Everything “around” us is this light or a level of expression of this light. This is how our reality is a direct reflection of our realization of the One Infinite Love.

So how does the individualized expression come into play with this? Each of us is part of the One, yet we are all a unique expression of that essence. It is important, within each incarnation or each journey of the individuated being, to appreciate the unique expression that it offers. To not only appreciate, but to fully embrace and allow that unique perspective to color the experiential understanding of that journey.

Within this unique individuated self, there is a unique perspective. This perspective can only be fully seen by the one individual, and simultaneously, by the One Infinite Love. With each experience by the unique individual, YOU, another perspective, another way of seeing, another experience is formulated and processed by the One Infinite Love. Back to the lighthouse. Each lighthouse is unique. Even if one is constructed the exact same as another, it are not located in the exact same spot and therefore does not experience the exact same reality.

Our own individual lighthouses offer us a variety of different ways to express the same love light. The construction of our being, the height of our existence, the reflection and clarity of our windows, and ultimately the connection and realization of the light within. Taking it a step further is to understand that we all have our own individual colors, whether noticeable or not, that we have tinted our windows with. This allows the light to “color” our reality with our own unique expression.

Because of all of these variations that make our individuated sel,f we are completely unique, yet an expression of the One Infinite Love.

So what does this mean for you? It means that as you continue your journey of realizing yourself, of connecting to deeper layers of your truth as the One Infinite Love, you are still able to be unique. You actually become more clear within this expression. More clear in who you are, uniquely, and how you can express that in full alignment of the One Infinite Love.  How to allow more of that essence to shine through your unique structure, your uniquely colored windows. How as that light shines through you, emanates from you, into your reality and in co-creation with others, you create an experience that is all its own. An experience that has only that exact shade within it. And through this, you contribute to the One. Through this you create a unique experience that could not be experienced by any other. How beautiful is that?

Connect more and more to the essence of the love light that is within you. Connect more to the love light that wishes to emanate from your being. Purify yourself more clearly to be a more pristine vessel of that light. And then, through this process, allow your unique coloration, location, formation, construction, perspective, to bring that love light through to a beautiful experience and expression of the One Infinite Love…through your eyes.

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