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Activating & Accessing Your Higher Self

Connect deeply and clearly to your Higher Self.

Release programming that stops you from having a strong relationship with your Higher Self,

Activate your MerKaBa (light body), enabling you to hold higher frequencies and move through challenges with more clarity, ease, and confidence. 

Rewire directly to Source energy to create your highest potential.


The connection to your Higher Self is the most important relationship of your life


Have you ever wanted to know what is in your Highest Good simply?

Have you ever wanted to be told which choice to make?

Everyone desires clear direction that serves their mission and their Highest Good.

You don't have to second guess yourself.

You don't have to always seek advice from others.

You can have a direct and clear channel to your Higher Self.

It's exhausting to always wonder if you are making the right decisions or feel so lost that you can't even see the next step.

Your Higher Self is YOU in 6th Density Consciousness.  The sole purpose of your connection is for your Higher Self to guide you on your journey and help you take aligned, easeful action that directly takes you where you desire to go.

You don't need tarot cards or psychics to tell you what to do.

You don't need to know what is happening with the planets or if Mercury is retrograde.

You only need to have a clear connection to your Higher Self and an activated MerKaBa to receive the guidance and clarity you have sought.

You seek YOU.  You seek to come home to yourself.  To know yourself.  To feel and see yourself.  To understand exactly who you are and how to bring your genius into the world.

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Connecting to your Higher Self requires coherence between the Trinity (Mother, Father, and Child).

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Unity Consciousness


Your MerKaBa is your Light Body.  It assists you in holding 5th Density consciousness here in 3rd Density human life.


Energy flows through your chakras, to your meridians, and finally to each cell in your body.

The chakra/meridian energy flow also generates the prana field close to your body.

The auric field that extends out a few feet off the surface of your body is generated by your thoughts and feelings.  An egg-shaped energy field (our subtle bodies) surrounds our auric field.

Beyond that field is the geometric field of light that makes up the bulk of the human lightbody - the MerKaBa.

The MerKaBa is a potential of the geometric fields of light created through consciousness.  It has evolved over time, and at this moment in history, less than one percent of humanity has a living MerKaBa.

The human being is surrounded by numerous geometric fields of energy that are electromagnetic.  The MerKaBa extends into all possible dimensions and, in each dimension, uses the laws of that dimension to manifest.

When your MerKaBa is activated, you are aligned with the highest manifestation potential within the dimension that you are experiencing.  As the dimension on Earth shifts, so will your MerKaBa and the intelligence that you are connected to.

The combination of MerKaBa activation and Higher Self connection creates a deep sense of safety, security, and potentiality.

We Will:

1) Connect Into The Divine Trinity

In Every single live session, we will be connecting to the Divine Trinity to create that coherence within ourselves.

"Where duality meets, God is revealed" - Alara Sage

2) Release Blocks That Disconnect You

You hold subconscious beliefs that block you from connecting deeply with yourself.  We will be working through these blocks on multiple levels of your being.  These sessions are deeply transformational in all areas of your life.

3) Teach You How to Connect to Your Higher Self

No matter if you are new to this or you are a seasoned practitioner, we will work to give you clear instructions, deepen your connection, and address any issues that arise.

4) Activate Your MerKaBa

We will energetically activate your MerKaBa and teach you how to do it yourself.  You will also learn how to program your MerKaBa to make manifestation more precise, direct, and powerful.

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5) Laser Sessions

At the end of each Live session, I will offer to work with someone Live to assist them with either energy blocks or troubleshooting the connection to their Higher Self.  This allows you to get direct support from me.

These are powerful opportunities that you will want to make sure to sign up for.  Space is limited so I take the preference to those who sign up first.

The Workshop

8 week workshop

Week 1-  

  • Divine Trinity Connection

  • Intention Setting

  • Teaching - What is Higher Mind, Merkaba, Divine Trinity

  • Laser Session 

Week 2 -

  • Divine Trinity Connection/Higher Self Connection

  • Sacral Chakra Teaching

  • Sacral Chakra Clearing and Reprogramming

  • Laser Session


Week 3 - 

  • Divine Trinity Connection/Higher Self Connection

  • Heart Chakra Teaching

  • Heart Chakra Clearing and Reprogramming

  • Laser Session

Week 4 - 

  • Divine Trinity Connection/Higher Self Connection

  • 3rd Eye Chakra Teaching

  • 3rd Eye Clearing and Reprogramming

  • Laser Session

Week 5 - 

  • Divine Trinity Connection/Higher Self Connection

  • MerKaBa Activation 

  • Laser Session

Week 6 - 

  • Divine Trinity Connection/Higher Self Connection

  • MerKaBa Activation & Programming

  • Laser Session

Week 7 - 

  • Divine Trinity Connection/Higher Self Connection

  • MerKaBa Activation & Programming

  • Next Level YOU

  • Laser Session

Week 8 - 

  • Divine Trinity Connection/Higher Self Connection

  • MerKaBa Activation & Programming

  • Laser Session

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From my heart to yours, I deeply thank you.  I am grateful that you are here.  I am grateful that you exist and that you are seeking the highest version of yourself.

Alara Sage

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