3 Day LIVE Workshop to unlock your
Inner Sexy

 Step into more sexual pleasure and become magnetic to deep intimate, loving relationships.


October 11th, 12th & 13th

5:00pm PST


(Includes access to the replay after)

What if you activated your POWER in your sexual energy?

What if you felt immense pleasure both in bed and in life?

What if you felt beautiful and sexy no matter what outfit you chose for the day?

What if you were able to be present to the small moments rather then overthinking what you need to do tomorrow?

What if looking at yourself in the mirror brough a smile...and a sexy smirk to your face?

​Life is literally meant to be orgasmic!

But we are not taught this. In fact, we are often taught feeling sexy is somehow wrong or bad.

And the killer is that when we suppress our sexual energy, we suppress the power of our ability to create.  This isn't just about orgasm...although...who doesn't want blissful orgasms?

This is about your power within your sexual energy and who you are when you are fully open to that power.


Sexy isn't about what you look like...though...the interesting thing is that when you activate your Inner Sexy....your SEXY AF become naturally more radiant.

Look at my transformation Below 2017, 2020, 2022


SEXY AF is about your most radiant, magnetic power being realized and embodied.
Which brings:

  • liberation of your sexual pleasure and energy - truly mind blowing orgasm
  • the ability to connect intimately with others and actually feel SEEN & UNDERSTOOD
  • your own creative energy activating - create money, love, health - without stress
  • the remembrance and reactivation of your playful self to be able to dance WHILE others are watching
  • deep peace even when everyone is screaming bloody murder around you
  • magnetism to others who understand YOU instead of fitting into their box
  • deep sense of conviction/confidence instead of a space of constant worry
  • clarity within your intuition and internal guidance
  • connection to the moment thus an increase in pleasure within everything you experience


What if TODAY you chose to listen to that deep desire which has been quietly calling you to FEEL your life rather then just "get through it"


Instead of just thinking about it…


What if TODAY you chose to focus your energy on actually jumping into the next level of your personal pleasure and intimate relationships.


Instead of just talking about it… 


What if you decided to stop playing in the field of obligation, and decided to start playing in the field of pleasure and orgasm within life?


What if TODAY you decided that you are a true YESSSS for this workshop???


I’m calling you if you are truly ready for this. If these words give you goosebumps all over your body. Whether you are currently in an intimate relationship or you desire one, you can choose to step into your Inner Sexy and activate your ability to experience connection much more intimately and pleasurably…


I’m calling you, if you are truly ready to receive this…


If you are tired of not feeling connected.


If you deeply desire to feel orgasmic in life.


If you are ready to either meet a loving partner or increase the connection to your current one.


and that what you need right now is this workshop into the next level you, and the next level of your physical experience…


What if you opened up your sexual pleasure to every single minute.  What if you allowed yourself to experience life orgasmically.


Let’s jump into a higher sexual-energy consciousness.

New Activation October 11th, 12th & 13th -

at the cost of $333 - for the FULL value of the activations…


I’m ready for you, if you are ready for this?


Trust your intuition, trust your NO or trust your YES  

What happens in a sexual energy activation workshop?

Over 3 days (approx 90 min sessions each) YOU WILL:

Day 1 -  

  • Connection - Get out of the "mind-fuck" and into the "moment-fuck"

                 A deep energetic clearing about what keeps you out of your Power seat and up in the mind.

                 An exercise to move you deeper into your Power/Pleasure seat.

Day 2 -

  • Letting Go - To receive the pleasure, you must let go of the pain.

                 Energetic clearings of your bodies, body parts, trauma, feminine lineage, all that is ready!

                 This will be powerful and intense!  These healings transform on all levels of your being.


Day 3 - 

  • Activation - I AM SEXY AF

                 An activation of this truth within the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

                 FEEL sexy so that you can believe that you sexy

                 Subconscious programming 



And the beauty is that you can keep repeating these to deepen yourself into your Sexy AF Self.

This workshop is for anyone who:
  • Struggles to experience profound pleasure sexually or in life.

  • Desires deep intimate, loving connection.

  • Wants to stop "cock blocking" your opportunity for true love.

  • Wishes to stop "pussy footing" around pleasure, sexuality, orgasms, etc.

  • Desires to activate her POWER within her sexuality.

  • Can find life dull or unfulfilling.

  • Feels alone or disconnected.

  • Feels sexually inadequate or as if something is wrong with them.

  • Wants to activate their creative potentiality.


New Activation October 11th, 12th & 13th -

5:00pm PST


*Includes Live Workshop & Recording

Sign up by Sept. 30th and you will receive a FREE Deep womb healing transmission. This transmission is VERY powerful and is an excellent addition to this work.

Workshop Testimonies

“I literally feel like a different person! Well the same person... just with no restrictions! Almost invincible! Eeek, it's a little scary but in the most beautiful, amazing way possible!” 

Beth J.

“I felt recharged, re-energized, with a deeper connection to my sense of purpose after this workshop. Alara's patient and relaxed explanations are clear and demonstrate her deep understanding of topics such as chakras, ascension, kundalini awakening, tension and breathing. Alara's radiance and light-hearted humor make the teachings accessible and easy to learn. I highly recommend her workshops.”

Meg. M

“Alara Sage possesses a level of mastery and capacity that is so refreshing for those committed to their personal path.  A profound and compassionate healer, she walks her talk with joy and playfulness, passionately supporting you in experiencing and developing your unlimited potential.  I am humbled and grateful for all the work she is bringing forward into the world, so needed, at this time.”