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Inner Vision

Transform Your Limiting Beliefs

Learn what a limiting belief is

Learn the direct, straightforward steps to transform them.

Everything in your reality is created via the beliefs that you hold.


Nothing in your reality is a coincidence.  Nothing in your reality is created via "flukes" or something that is happening TO YOU.

YOU are creating it.  

Until we become hyper-aware of our limiting beliefs, we are creating our reality via our subconscious beliefs that come from our family, society, and karma.

9 Module Course

Module 1: Realm of Infinite Possibilities

Module 2: Limiting Beliefs and Fears

Module 3: Healing of Word Triggers

Module 4: Your Infinite Potential

Module 5: Where/How Limiting Beliefs are Created

Module 6: Observer/Witness Mode (Step 1)

Module 7: Triggers and Shadows healing

Module 8: Layers

Module 9: Acceptance (Step 2)

Module 10: Healing of Limiting Beliefs/Fears

Module 11: Action and Choice(Step 3)

Included in the Unity Academy membership

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