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When a circle of people watch a bubble float through the air, each individual is experiencing it through their state of observation. They all see something slightly differently, from a slightly different angle, filter or frame of reference. What exact color the bubble is representing, its exact trajectory, the observation of its movements, and the perception of each one of those, is a spectrum within itself. Did it move a bit to the right, or did it move sharply to the right? Is it yellow, blue, red, or purple? How big is the bubble? All of these are perspectives, and all are subjective based on the individual.

The whole reality of humanity is subjective by each individual interpretation, as each individual reality or expression is subjective from the individual state of being. What one sees and experiences is relative to his/her understanding of what is being expressed. Their understanding is based off of their beliefs, principles, structures, and ultimately their connection to the Self.

For instance, is something occurring to a person from an external source, or is one creating something from his/her internal reality? Those are two vastly different perspectives, and within that is an entire spectrum of different variations of that understanding. One might believe that something that is very horrible or bad from another person is solely based circumstantial. It is happening to them. Where as they might understand, in other circumstances, how they are creating what is being expressed.  

A higher consciousness being will understand that all is created from within and will see a higher frequency of light within every experience, within every now. Everything is always love light. That energy is always present, as it is the foundation of consciousness. 

Just like a structure that is made from PlayDoh, is always made out of PlayDoh, no matter what it is formed into. No matter what is created from it. A beautiful nature setting or a chaotic city setting, the underlying structure of the setting is still the PlayDoh.

However, within the mind of each individual, how something is perceived changes that object, that halograph, into what is wanting to be perceived. So that object or halograph can take on other connotations, other energies, as it is formed by the mind of who is perceiving it.

This is what perception truly is and what the fundamentals of existence is based off of. All is love light. All is this one infinite energy. And in every moment the individual being takes in all of their senses and their awareness through filters of understanding and comprehension to try to create what they perceive to be true. Very much like a computer program uses mathematical equations and understandings to create and work within the system, the human mind takes in the sense via the awareness and the understanding and belief structures, and turns that energy into a working field of comprehension and something it can relate to.

That is a very important part of what expressed here. For in every moment, the being is trying to relate to the energy. Relate to, its “surroundings”.  Energy is always trying to match, to harmonize with itself. And that is relating. How something balances, how something relates to another. There is an equilibrium that is trying to be reached. And so when something is presented to a being, and is as always, being represented from a space of pure love light, but the being cannot see it as such, does not understand it as such, then the experience, the halograph is distorted to match what is understood.

The heart space is the very center of this realization. As one is more connected to this space and more connected to the One Infinite Love, one begins to experience, to relate to, those higher densities of light within the holographic reality. So again, even though that energy is always there, when one is closed off to the One Infinite Love, it cannot perceive that density of light. Thus, there are distortions created so that the energy matches that of the individual expression.  

As one connects more to the heart space, more to the One Infinite Love the perception, the understanding, the connection to those higher densities of love light are therefore available. Even in some of the more technically difficult expression of reality, the being experiences the fundamental or more fundamental levels of love light. As they are connected and aware of that energy, that awareness spreads out into everything, they begin to see, to feel, to sense that vibration within everything, everybody, every expression, and every moment.

So this is why it is said that you begin to see God and love within everything as your consciousness expands. You begin to connect to these much denser states of light within your experience, within the now, through this connection to the One Infinite Love. Because that is the vibratory source, once you start to connect to that, you start to connect to that within everything. So instead of there being duality or there being a spectrum of love and hate, and some things appearing as love and some things appearing as hate, you connect to that one infinite love.  You begin to experience everything within that state of being. As ultimately, that is what everything is within the expression of consciousness. 

Another way to see it is like a veil within each moment. A veil of disguise, love light being disguised as hate or anger, love light being disguised as grief or shame. That veil is lifted, and you see that all of those energies are fundamentally based within love light themselves.

One begins to  connect to everything within the experience on these deep levels and that further opens up the connection, further creates more awareness, and additional things begin to “transform” into this frequency. But nothing has really changed. It is the perception of the being, the understanding of the individual that has changed.  But the surroundings have always been the love light. It is the way that the being is perceiving and relating to the surroundings that changes, not the actual changing of the energies themselves.

Within relationships, within connections to other people, as a being begins to connect to higher frequencies of love light, they begin to sense that state within all other beings as well.  So whereas they may have been triggered by other humans, or have had distortions within their connections to other humans, they begin to see, and once again experience, the love light within other people. It may look like the relationships change or it may look like they have influenced the other people. But once again, it is merely the perception of the one being that begins to perceive the others and those relationships within that energy of the One Infinite Love and therefore they project it in that way.

Now with co-creation there are more distortions available, as there are two beings of consciousness, two minds. So there can be limitations with the degree that the other being shifts into its natural state of the One Infinite Love. The more that one of the two is connected to the One Infinite Love, the other has a potential to match that as he/she is being recognized and related to from that energy.  It is an offering for a deeper connection to the One Infinite Love.

The value here is beginning to draw awareness to what you perceive and how you perceive it.  And becoming first aware of what your beliefs, structure, and understanding of what you think reality is. Simply becoming aware of those patterns and structures will bring in alot of very solid states of energy. You will see how your beliefs and perspectives create what you experience.  

From here you can start to break those apart or allow the mind to relax within those beliefs and understandings. And see what wants to be created when you unfold one of those beliefs, one of those perspectives. How do things begin to shift, how are things represented differently? And as you gain more control over how your perspectives shape the energy within your reality, you can begin to magnify this and have a solid understanding of how your perception is your reality.

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