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- Alara Sage

"The embodied women is powerfully magical and yet tenderly intimate"

Feeling pleasure and enjoyment in life wasn't always so easy for me.

I have always been successful at whatever I put my mind to, however, for me somewhere along the way, I lost connection to my own passion.

I didn't even know how to live in the moment or....most to experience pleasure.

When I looked around at humanity, I saw this exact experience in most people's eyes.  Especially those who are deemed driven and successful.

To learn to live in pleasure, joy, and fulfillment isn't a luxury...its what we are here to do.

I have always been a highly intuitive and driven individual.  At the age of 19, I left the country to travel the world instead of going to University because my intuition was guiding me there.

This offered me the chance to truly live from my heart.  To explore, trust in myself, and follow where the winds wished to take me.

Later in life, however, I found myself in a marriage and a career that didn't light me up.  I honestly didn't feel joy in my life.  I tried to.  I felt that I should feel joy and fulfilment.  I had two healthy boys, a comfortable life, a supportive husband.  My guilt continued to increase, I felt alone.  

Have you ever felt that you "should" feel joy, happiness, fulfillment but don't...?

From an outsiders perspective my life was perfect, however, deep within me I knew that there was something missing.  Something very profound. 


The pain was so strong, I knew I had to take action.

My passion for life was completely gone.  I was exhausted.

I realize that I had to take that leap of faith just like I did when I was 19.

To step into the person that I truly knew that I was.

A deep sense of clarity came over me.

A resounding “YES!” to create a completely new life in front of me surged from within, and I chose to follow it with everything I had.

Do you know what it’s like to be called to expand and to be willing to give up everything you’ve got?

I’ve been relentlessly answering to that call ever since

My life was never the same.  Who I am now, is because of the fire that I went through.  The fire of passion that burned within me.

The freedom that I feel and experience within myself now...

....was worth every single moment.

My life today is so incredibly magical, fulfilling, joyous and pleasurable.


Here are a few of the transformations that occurred for me the moment I chose to follow that “YES!” to life:

  • Became a more present, nurturing, and loving mother.

  • Increased my connection to my intuition and deepened my self trust.

  • Found the partner that I have always wanted - true love.

  • Shifted my body to a healthy body that actually needs less "maintenance".

  • Aligned with my hearts purpose to create true fulfillment.

  • Created a successful AND impactful business.

  • Live a life of service every day

  • Learned to love myself first so that I could love others more fully (and receive love more fully)

  • Increased my sexual pleasure profoundly.

  • Learned to live my life through Divine Inspiration and Guidance - eliminating stress

  • Expanded my ability to connect with people more deeply and intimately.

  • Shifted out of a distorted masculine energy and sank into my true powerful-yet-tender feminine.

  • Reconnected with my creative and playful side (something I had completely lost).

  • Completely shifted and expanded my ability to create abundance.

  • Created a purpose-based business that generates six-figures while working very little.

  • Bring my heart and passion into every part of my business.

  • Everything I do is an expression of my purpose guided by my heart.

  • Get paid to be me and the love that I am. 

  • Work with inspiring people all over the world while helping to make their purpose more powerful

There was no single-area of my life that I didn’t learn to master.

Power, Purpose, Pleasure & Passion

All of these things are available to you...

...and I can definitely help you achieve them.

"When I first began working with Alara, in 2018, I was a content corporate American working for one of the biggest banks on the planet.  I was working from home, in the mountains of Colorado, and I had no thought of leaving such a well-paying job.  I was slowly paying off debt and saving money for a future that did not thrill me.  In fact, it kind of scared me.  After a year of working with Alara, I began to grow tired and fed up with my cushy job at the bank.  Even with the awesome pay, the sweet gig of working from home and really only working about 15 hours a week, it began to feel toxic.  I was becoming more aligned with my higher self the more I worked with Alara, and I was beginning to reject corporate America.  In the years leading up to 2021 she worked deeply with me to more closely and naturally identify with my higher self, embracing my gifts as well as my "flaws", as I was calling them at the time.  The more aspects of myself I illuminated and loved, the less scary the future got to a point where I was incapable of thinking about the future.  Now, free of corporate America, life is a sequence of moments filled by things I WANT to do...and these moments have led me to the most peaceful, content, prosperous and complete period in my life.  I now have no problem trusting the future and knowing that my suppositions for it are a shade of what they could be if I simply surrender."

-Dara A.

"I am so grateful that I was led to connect with Alara. How can I describe an experience that was surreal, aligned and transformative? Though those descriptors may seem cliché, they actual depict my time working with her. I felt an immediate energy shift and weight lifted. She is professional, grounded in her gift(s), and what I love the most, unapologetic about her approach to provide insight and clarity. Highly, highly recommended!" -Joesephine

"I have been going through tremendous changes within myself and my life. I can safely say that the healing and work that we did together has changed my life. If you are truly ready to open up and get real with yourself, work with Alara Sage." -Bree


Fun Facts About Me

  • I have been taught my gifts primarily by my own Higher Self. Though I have had mentors, most of my learning and skills have come through my personal initiations and transformations.

  • I love to hike and connect with Gaia – moving in Gaia. 

  • Obsessed with cacao and maple syrup.  

  • You’ll almost always find me in leggings – because I can sit cross-legged in them all day. 

  • Wearing all the rings on my fingers! 

  • I could not possibly live anywhere where there aren’t majestic, tall, trees.

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