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Alara Sage

Wise Womban

Embody the full wisdom of your wombanhood

Potency - Sensuality - Sacred Wisdom

Be activated in the wisdom of your womb.

Gain clarity of intuition and connection to Self.

Become embodied and present to the fullness of life.

Regulate your nervous system and be more calm and empowered regardless of the circumstances.

Learn how to utilize the 4 Keys of Emobdiment and powerfully decree, declare,and command your energy/field/life force/

Connect womb to heart and radially create your Heart's desires.

Activate your Kundalini Shakti (creative life force energy) to self-heal and empower your full creator self.

The embodied woman is a force like no other.  She exudes presence and lights up the world around her with the fire of her creative life force energy.

Alara Sage | Embodied Woman

The power of the womb has not been present on our planet for over 5,000 years.  In recent times, women have taken on masculine energies in order to succeed.

However, the pendulum is swinging, and the rise of the woman is here.

Connect with your womban - or be left behind.

When I was in my masculine, I often felt...

Disconnected from my body and the present moment.

Resentment at my womanhood.

Lost in thought and often overwhelmed by thought.


Not sexy.

Unlit by life.

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Your womb IS the wisdom

The power to create life itself.

Ancient texts are well aware of the sacred space that is the womb.  But it has been lost on our current society.

Menopause is the most powerful transformation that a woman goes through.  It is when she is regaining ALL of her creator being.  

The energy that was utilized during cycles - come fully back into the womb activating deep wisdom.

Perimenopause is the beginning of this process.

Stop believing the BS about older women.

Start remembering your wisdom, power, and Sacred Self

Who This Is For

Women aged from 38-65.

Women who are in their masculine energies.

Women who have potent minds and tend to overthink or become lost in thought.

Women who desire deeper intimacy.

Women who refuse to align with ageism and desire to activate the fountain of youth - the radiance of the creator being within. - turn back the clock of time - become younger in appearance and wiser in spirit. 

Women who desire the full spectrum of the sensuality that life offers us - live lit!

Women who are already empowered and aligned and yet feel that there is something that they are not fully connected to.

What You Will Get

  • 9-month container - several entry options

  • 1:1 sessions

  • All recordings of sessions

  • Daily exercises/meditations

  • Direct messaging support via Telegram

  • A platform of 9 modules with extensive content

  • Workbook with 111 pages for learning

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What You Will Learn

  • How to be fully present in the moment

  • How to utilize breath to move energy

  • Opening your full expression

  • Using movement to connect and shift

  • Devotion

  • The Divine Trinity

  • The 8 Gates of the Womb

  • Using your voice to command your energy

  • Nervous system regulation

  • The 3 Creator centers

  • Healing your body image

  • Healing your nervous system

  • Connecting to your bodies (physical, emotional, mental) & energy

  • Womb breathing

  • Sexual energy activation

  • Using your voice to manifest

  • Breathwork exercises

  • Womb - Heart Connection

  • Activating Shakti - Creative Life force energy

  • Creating your own practice

  • Softening and surrendering (into your power & wisdom)

  • Toning - using your voice to heal yourself and others

  • Using your sexual energy to manifest

+ powerful activations and healing transmissions

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