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Visionary & Creative Playground

To Activate & Expand Leadership, Visionary, And Creative Gifts


Do you desire to create?

Do you desire to be a great leader?

Do you desire to increase your visionary capacity?

Playfulness is the key to unlocking our creativity, our pleasure, and our joy.


Playfulness allows us to connect to our authentic self (that Sexy AF you), which allows you to truly inspire and lead others.

Playfulness activates our imagination and wonder which in turn allows us an expanded mind and capacity for vision.

Playfulness is the key to unlocking our prosperity and our truest sense of self.


There are no rules in playfulness.  It is about letting go of the rules and the control.  It is about surrendering to the flow of creation through you.

This is a completely different way to live life than we have been taught.  It pulls us out of our minds, into our bodies and gives us access to who we truly are.  

The mind is merely the computer of our bodies.  It is easily programable.

Creation, is not programable.  It is always shifting, changing, and flowing.

To tap into the creation energy within you is to tap into the well of potential and possibilities.

It creates flow within your life.  

It creates magic.

It is creation.

You are creation.

If this sounds good to you, then join.

Trust in what you feel by these words.

Not what the mind says or wants to know.

But what your body says to these words.

We will meet each month.

We will laugh.

We will smile.

We will leave the session more light then when we arrived.

There will be much more that shows up along the way.  Additional bonuses and content to guide you.  

Excited? Perfect.

Scared? Perfect.

Uncertain? Perfect.

There is no right or wrong.  If you were called.  Answer the calling that is coming from your heart.

Don't worry, I will guide you...

Can you let go of needing to know...and simply trust.

The sign up is your first initiation into the process.

You are invited.

Will you have the courage to follow what guided you here?


1/month live zoom session

Recordings always available

Telegram group for support

Bonuses (surprises!!!)


Starts Dec. 8th 

Cancel anytime

*First session will be Dec. 8th @5:00pm PST.  This may change if needed per the attendants.

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