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Tantric Awakening

Awaken your Shakti for deeper connection, aliveness, and sensuality - no partner needed

Awaken your own aliveness to deepen the relationship to living lit and alive.

Journey deep into your being and be reborn with a new vibration.

Connect into Unity consciousness for deeper pleasure and intimacy with life.

The journey of your Shakti is the journey of your liberation.


I see you, my love.

You are a powerhouse.

You are the rock.


AND you secretly yearn to be ravished.


To be taken by a lover and drawn deeply into intimacy and union.


And yet you fear the lose of your autonomy, of your authority.


You fear being dominated and controlled.


Past experiences of betrayal have taught you to protect yourself.  To hold the “strong & independent” vibe.


No one can tell you what to do.


And yet….you desire so deeply to release your clutch on control.


You desire to relax into your sensual self.  To deepen into your p𖤍ssy and FEEL the aliveness within you.

You are the rock.  The rock at home, the rock with your friends.  Always the rock.


When do you allow yourself to be the feather?


To drift in and out of ecstasy with your breath?


To flutter through your body with 0rgasm  as you surrender to the deep, multidimensinoal experience of your femme power.


The waves of bliss coursing through your body.  Full surrender into yourself.


Divine Union is not about losing your sovereignty, it is about illuminating it in the omnipresent light of Love.


Surrender is not submission.  It is a deep relaxation of every muscle in your body to allow your power to FLOW effortlessly through you.


I know this because I have had to walk this path.  I have been guided to surrender, to open, to merge.


I feared the loss of my authority.  I feared being controlled by others.


And it was only when I learned to awaken my Shakti - the energy of liberation - that I understood the truth of these words via the vibrational shift in my body and in my life.


I see your desire to live passionately without sacrificing your ambition or individuality.

To connect deeper to life and to those whom you love.

I feel the yearning for the sensuality of your heart and p𖤍ssy. The aliveness of your LIT Self!

"The feminine is the most powerful dimension of life. Without feminine energy, or "Shakti," there would be nothing in existence." - Sadhguru

What is Shakti2.png

Your Shakti is the most powerful energy that you hold in your body.  It is the energy of creation itself.

Dormant Shakti sits like a coiled snake awaiting to be awakened.  

Once awakened, she moves through your body, opening and unleashing your power until she reaches your crown and connects with the Divine Masculine - Divine Union.

This process is not only THE awakening process, it is the magic that existed in Ancient Egypt. It is the lost wisdom of our capacity as humans.

Connecting and creating coherence between Womb, Heart, and Mind.

Unity Consciousness

We Will:

1) Practice embodiment via Alara's 4 keys of embodiment

Embodiment is about getting you out of your mind and into your body.  It is about connecting into your p𖤍ssy so that you can awaken your sensuality and ecstatic self.

The 4 Keys of Embodiment start you on the path to connection and intimacy with yourself so that you can have it with life and others.

"Where duality meets, God is revealed" - Alara Sage

2) Activate your Shakti and facilitate her movement through your body.

Your Shakti is your aliveness.  She moves through you and opens up/liberates your most sensual, powerful, and erotic self.

She is pure power!  The power to create, to heal, to experience powerful full-body 0rgasms, and more!

You will learn this practice as well as be energetically activated throughout the workshop.

3) Journey to Creation Point to facilitate activations and integrations from the Source - pre birth.

The Creation point is a vortex between the Great Cosmic Womb of No-Thing and creation.

It is the point where you, as a Soul, moved through the vortex of creation into the fetus of your physical human body.  The Creation point holds all of the information and codes of your soul, ancestry, genetics, and also is a container for vision questing, meeting guides, and other powerful potentials.

It is the "light tunnel" of both birth and death.

Be reborn in the vibration of your intention!!!  

Be reborn into your next-level self!!!

Be reborn into Aliveness!!!

4) Energetically Engineer your timeline

From the Creation Point, we then have the power to bring any vibrations, intentions and codes back through into your timeline.  This allows you to "rewrite" the past as well as align vibrationally to the desired timeline of your future.  This is a very powerful practice that creates radical results.

What timeline do you desire to connect to?

What vision do you hold that you deeply desire to create?

5) Activate and facilitate Divine Union

Tantra is about the merging of Self.  It is about allowing the Mother and Father to merge in order to reveal the Child within.  Through this process, we reconnect to all of ourselves and activate the magic of Unity.

Unity Consciousness is balance, harmony, and the perfection of creation;

  • experiencing power AND tenderness

  • creating via surrender AND action

  • enjoying playfulness AND authority

  • feeling graceful AND strong

  • living your human AND divine self

The Workshop

3 week LIVE workshop

Dec. 9th, 16th, and 23rd

Week 1-  

  • Embodiment and Shakti activation.

  • A deep, energetic clearing of the creator centers (womb/hara, heart, mind)

  • The Divine Union process and facilitation.

Week 2 -

  • Embodiment and Shakti activation.

  • Breathwork and movement to embody power.

  • Energy engineering to rewrite your timeline.

  • Divine Union process and facilitation.


Week 3 - 

  • Embodiment and Shakti activation.

  • Shamanic journey to Creation point to rewrite the past and be reborn.

  • Energy engineering to integrate codes and activate your next-level self.

  • Divine Union process and facilitation.

The combination of the Shakti activation, the energy engineering, and the Divine union will create deep and radical shifts in your life.

The time between the sessions is for practice and integration.

You will have full access to the recordings to repeat if needed.

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Dec. 9th, 16th, and 23d
@10am PST

  • Weekly Live calls 90 min.

  • Recordings of all calls

  • FREE Rewired for Genius Course - (4 keys of embodiment and nervous system healing)

  • Group Telegram Support

Sign Me Up!!!
$333 total


Thank you!!

From my heart to yours, I deeply thank you.  I am grateful that you are here.  I am grateful that you exist and that you are seeking the highest version of yourself.

Alara Sage

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