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My beloved Powerful Woman, I invite you to come into the bosom of the Ma - the ineffable womb - to let go of your pain, internal judgments, and struggles.

To momentarily release your defense mechanisms and be nourished by the Great Mother.

Don't worry, no one will see you in your vulnerability.

It is a safe place to relax into. 

This is a journey into the Creation Point for your own healing process.


I see you, my love.

You are a powerhouse.

You are the rock.


AND you secretly yearn to let go.


To release your grip on control and relax into being held.


And yet you fear the lose of your autonomy, of your authority.


You fear being vulnerable.

Past experiences of betrayal have taught you to protect yourself.  To hold the “strong & independent” vibe.


No one can tell you what to do.


And yet….you desire so deeply to feel deep relaxation - if only for a moment.

You are the rock.  The rock at home, the rock with your friends.  Always the rock.


When do you allow yourself to be held, healed, and loved?


To feel nourishment coursing through your body.  To feel so deeply loved and held by the Ma.  As if nothing you ever did was wrong.  As if everything you did was right.


To feel seen by her. Loved unconditionally by her.

And yet fully remain YOU.  Independent. Powerful. 

This Journey will drop into pure potentiality where you may soak up the richness and aliveness.

Noting is required of you.

No one will see you.

You can cry, scream, or silently breath... is your journey.

I am here to hold you.

I am here to support you.

You are safe.

We Will:

1) Breathe into our bodies and ground into the space.

2) Lay down and be led on a Shamanic journey into the Void. I will use my voice to guide you and to bring in healing frequencies.

3) Receive healing, guidance, or simply


FREE - live
or $11 to receive recording
Dec. 11th @6:00pm PST
45 min. session

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I am deeply honored to be holding this space for you and all of the women who show up.

Alara Sage
Womb Shaman | Activator of Shakti | Embodied Femme Power

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