Join me in Magical Sedona!

Sedona is a true oasis of healing vortexes. Of the many times I have visited, it has never ceased to amaze me in its offerings of deep expansion on my journey. 

I am thrilled to be offering a very intimate retreat to a select few who seek deep healing of their body/mind/spirit.

Retreat Intention: to provide healing and transformation of the body/mind/spirit based on the individual intentions of each participants. To assist each person in the anchoring of Self.

The magic that love brings into these spaces is otherworldly. It is love moving through the various forms of the physical. Like the quiet whispers of the wind through the deep forest.

It calls upon each being to respond. Gently yet powerfully. How can we say no when we are surrendered to its movement?

I never know how love will express itself. There is no need to know or understand. Instead, I delight in the spontaneity of its voice.

As I always say, its movements are both vast and intricate at the very same time. The many dimensions, lives, expressions and planes of existence that are all interwoven within the now. Love sees it all. Beyond our ability through the human mind, love moves effortlessly and without judgement.

These 1:1 retreats are an opportunity for me to witness love in a concentrated action, so to speak. For love is love. There truly is nothing it ever is besides the direct vibration of Source. However, in the physical, we experience it through the lens of form. And within these retreats, the form is a concentrated expression of the ever present love of God.

Every single moment is explosive with the energies that we create via the intentions of the retreat. That is all I do. I clarify the intentions of the participant, and then I allow love to move through me.

I watch as it is magically orchestrated. I watch as love tenderly and potently works to open the energies of the client. To hold them in love and acceptance while the deep inner fears and beliefs are dissolved. Dissolved.

That is my "work". That is what I get to do during these amazing days of the retreat. In the physical plane I get to take them on hikes to the vortexes of Sedona. Creating the container for magic to once again serve them. I get to talk to them, to connect to them. To hold them through their process. I get to watch love in action.

My gratitude for these experiences are felt so deeply, emotionally, and intensely. I weep with love. I drop to my knees, head held within the palms of my hands with the utmost reverence of this space. How can I not?



I will be providing hands on healing to support the physical bodies of all participants. In addition, I will be providing daily transmissions/healings and teachings.  The subject of these sessions will be solely based upon the participants and their needs.  The teachings and transmission are rooted in the anchoring of the Self into the individual experience of the physical with direct tools on how to navigate daily life.

The retreat is set up as a 4 day retreat. There are a few different options for dates. Each set of dates can only accommodate 2 people at a time. Since I am providing hands on healing, I need to keep the groups very small. This is excellent for the participants as you will be enjoying a very intimate experience.

Price depends on whether you would like the retreat to yourself or if you are willing to share a king size bed with another (same sex) participant. Couples are welcome. 

Private Retreat - you will be the only participant with complete 1:1 time. We will go very deep into your specific needs. 

Shared Retreat - will be 2 people sharing the king bed.  If you would like to participate in a shared retreat but do not have a partner, you can reach out to join a list of those looking to share.



daily meditations/transmissions and/or teachings

private hands on healing sessions

daily hikes 

*Each person is responsible for their own food/meals and transportation to and from airport. 


Retreat Dates


private retreat - $1500

shared retreat - $777/each

Currently booking for August.  Please contact Alara directly for date options

* space is very limited and Alara can only accept two retreats per month.  Because of this as dates are booked, other dates will become unavailable.  Therefore, if you are considering certain dates, be sure to contact Alara ASAP.

Sample Schedule:

*Each retreat is absolutely unique.  Magic and the movement of Universal Love does not move on a schedule, however, for the benefit of understanding here is a sample schedule to get a feel for the retreat flow.

Day 1: Arrival - depending on the time of arrival will depend on the time available that day.  The most important role of this day is the setting and clarifying of intentions.  Hands on Healing is also an option

Day 2: Morning - connect for guided meditation/healing - breakfast

            Afternoon - hike with meditation, teaching/discussion session, afternoon private time

            Evening - hands on healing session, further teaching discussion

Day 3: Similar to day 2

Day 4: Departure - depending on time of departure the day will have similar qualities to day 2 & 3.                    Along with a summary/closing of the retreat and guidance of moving forward.

* Please note that during the entire retreat, Love is working magic upon your being.  This is the beauty of these intimate retreats.  They are 24 hours for 4 days of magic.  The depth and ways in which this shows up for you depends largely on your intention and availability to the changes.  By the end of the 4 days, participants are "cooked".  They are ready to leave Alara's container and process.  The allowance of your body/mind/spirit to process all that occurred is very important and will be addressed by Alara.

To sign up or for questions, please email Alara at

Full payments will be needed in order to reserve your date.