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Relax, Release, and Reprogram Workshop

Release discomfort and reprogram your nervous system to embody a life of power, clarity and peace.

This workshop is for anyone who:

  • Experiences tension, overwhelm, fatigue, anxiety, and/or stress.

  • Finds themselves not fully present in the moment (i.e.  lost in thought, distracted).

  • Feels confusion or chaotic/dispersed thought.

  • Is unclear in their decision making.

  • Struggles with emotional roller coasters.

  • Has  physical pain and discomfort.

  • Wishes to learn to access and harness their unique potentiality.

About a year ago, I started to receive messages from my Higher Mind to “relax.”  I was  guided to sit down and intentionally relax my physical, mental, and emotional bodies.  


Over a period of a few months,


I was shown the value of deepening into a relaxed state. I became more available to receive and open to the depths of my creative being.  I became aware of my profound inner peace.  


This brought me into communion with God, an experience that completely changed my life and connected me to what God truly is.  God, the ever-present “I” of the universe.  The Creator.  The Source.


What I realized through this communion is that I am safe, secure, and loved in all circumstances.  I felt  the love and support of God within every breath, action, and experience.   


This understanding enabled me to relax even more as I realized that God is  always present. Moreover  it was only my availability to the presence of God that allowed me to experience it—safety, security, love—or not.  This was not a new understanding for me, however, to experience it on such a visceral and connected level was indeed new.


What was also new was the embodiment of this experience into my physical body and my physical reality.  I have spent many years in meditation having all kinds of transcendent experiences, however, they were experienced primarily within the meditative state.


By maintaining a relaxed state of presence, my higher consciousness frequencies were able to permeate into my lower bodies (physical, emotional, and mental).  



Now, I  experience every single thought, action, choice, decision, option,  and expression through the lens of clarity, both for myself and for others. 

Buddha Statue

I discovered that relaxation also brought:

  • A deeper experience of love within my relationships.

  • New information and creative ideas, streaming in constantly.

  • More abundance and ease at creating it.

  • Joy, fulfillment, and happiness.

  • Opening up areas of previous resistance in my life. 

  • Clarity of expression and intention

  • Instant manifestation.

  • A strong knowing of who I am and what my purpose is in life.

  • Expansion of my business.

  • More connection to love & Creation

  • Increased intuition & epiphany

I then began to notice that most people are tense, stressed and unable to receive.

I realized that, while many people understood spiritual teachings and also meditated, few actually lived those concepts in their physical reality.  


Few lived the magic that is promised by traditional spiritual teachings because they were in a state of tension instead of relaxation. 


I was shown in more detail how this tension affected their lives, choices, clarity, and ability to manifest.


Tension  was causing people to be distracted in their daily lives.  People were so tense in their physical, emotional, and mental bodies that they couldn’t enjoy the present moment.  This caused them to be unclear in their decisions.  They felt like they had no time and wasted what time they did have.  

Tension in the Body shows up as:


Unsure of Purpose



Unclear What to Do



Worried about the future



Not Enough


It was very clear to me that humanity needed to learn how to deeply relax.


Through my usual process o f receiving messages and applying it to my reality through experience and wisdom, I gained a thorough understanding of how to help humans truly embody their Higher Selves and illuminate their unique brilliance.


The key is relaxation….


…Relaxation of the bodies—physical, mental, and emotional—as well as the relaxation and reprogramming of the nervous system.  This allows for the higher bodies to permeate the lower bodies bringing higher levels of awareness, consciousness, and clarity into the person.  Thus the embodiment of the Higher Mind.  

The Workshop

Module 1

Presence - Where all of your potentiality is located

  • What is presence and how to obtain it

  • Spiritual Kung-Fu

Module 2

Tension in The Bodies - the cause of discomfort, pain, and disconnection

  • Root Cause

  • Tension in the physical body

  • Tension in the emotional body

  • Tension in the mental body

Module 3

The Lower Self & Higher Self - embodying the physical form

  • The Vagus Nerve - Awareness & Reprogramming

  • Ascension & Chakra Awareness

Module 4

Letting Go - finding relaxtion

  • How breath leads to Self

  • Utilizing the breath

Module 5

Healing Meditation/Transmission - a meditation to use again and again

  • A guided meditation to relax the bodies and reprogram the vagus nerve

Gift of Gratitude

A bonus for joining

Master Healing Transmission - Very powerful healing of multiple systems within the body. 


To support :

  • autoimmune system 

  • hormones  

  • nervous system 

  • detoxifying 

  • upgrading the vagus nerve (massive importance for ascension)

  • genetic issues

  • immune system 

This transmission can be repeated over and over again to receive full benefits of the intelligent energy.


Workshop Testimonies


“I literally feel like a different person! Well the same person... just with no restrictions! Almost invincible! Eeek, it's a little scary but in the most beautiful, amazing way possible!” 

Beth J.


“I felt recharged, re-energized, with a deeper connection to my sense of purpose after this workshop. Alara's patient and relaxed explanations are clear and demonstrate her deep understanding of topics such as chakras, ascension, kundalini awakening, tension and breathing. Alara's radiance and light-hearted humor make the teachings accessible and easy to learn. I highly recommend her workshops.”

Meg. M


“Alara Sage possesses a level of mastery and capacity that is so refreshing for those committed to their personal path.  A profound and compassionate healer, she walks her talk with joy and playfulness, passionately supporting you in experiencing and developing your unlimited potential.  I am humbled and grateful for all the work she is bringing forward into the world, so needed, at this time.”


As the energies and frequencies continue to increase on our planet, learning to be relaxed and embodied is more important than ever before.  If humans cannot embody their Higher Mind, they will begin to  experience more  anxiety, physical and emotional pain, and stronger resistance in their daily lives.  

This is because these higher frequencies trigger the lower vibratory energies that cause the tension within the  bodies, including limiting beliefs.  These triggers are an invitation to the evolution of the Self and humanity as a whole .

The vagus nerve—the central pathway of the parasympathetic nervous system which counterbalances the fight or flight response— has undergone massive overhauls and reprogramming since the fall of 2019.  I have spoken about this in many of my videos and will discuss it further in this workshop.  The result: We have been rerouted into a vastly different experience within our world and our reality.

This is all in support of the ascension process that humanity is undertaking.  But at the core is the opportunity to release the need for validation through constantly doing, aka “the rat race”.

Only as humanity learns to relax, will we begin to release the stress and be able to stop fighting/arguing, and instead learn to love again.

For you individually, it is imperative to implement relaxation. This will increase your availability to the higher frequency energies and thus your own ascension process.  This will decrease the discomfort, contraction, and difficulty of this process.  To ignore this process is to align yourself with a more strenuous path moving forward.

Workshop Summary

  • Recorded Workshop - access at your convenience 

  • 3 hours of content

  • 5 modules - including a powerful healing/transmission

  • Gift of Gratitude - Master Healing Transmission

  • Bonus 12 minute relaxation meditation for every day use


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