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Realize You Genius

Stop searching - find yourself - be activated

Learn your unique gifts, shadow, and enlightened state

Gain certainty about you Life's work and mission

Understand your own limiting beliefs and how to transform them

Be activated within your unique codes of brilliance

Step into your next level self

How can you be who you are here to be if you are unsure of WHO that is?

Alara Sage

It might seem crazy, but it took me a very long time to figure out who I was and why I was here.

And it was pretty painful trying to figure it out.

I often felt like I didn't have clarity or certainty.

I knew I was here for big work, but I just wasn't sure what it looked like.

I often felt...

Alone and misunderstood or not understood at all

Inadequate as it appeared that others had it figured out

Like I was always seeking and searching for something

I felt unfulfilled and that I didn't really enjoy life

I was throwing spaghetti at the wall with regards to my business and purpose.

I truly desired to assist anyone who is experiencing this.

...So I created this program

Map Of Brilliance

Receive a detailed map of your unique genius, shadow, and your Sidhic state (enlightened state)

This is a comprehensive PDF that you will be able to refrence over and over again.

Know yourself on a deep level

Preliminary Session

We will meet 1:1 immediately to connect to your body and assist you in embodying your next-level self.  This preliminary session will begin the alchemical process of transformation.

We will also set you up for success with clear daily practices that will fit your lifestyle

Session 2-5

We will go over your four primary gifts.  One each month.  This will give you time to integrate the codes that you receive as well as apply what you are learning.

Each session will be a discussion and an activation of your unique codes.

We will also work on your embodiment and your creative life force energy.

You will receive audio files to further your comprehension and absorption of the codes.

Session 6

I will powerfully and clearly activate you in any additional energies for you to uplevel.

Further clarifications and anything else that is needed.

...It will change your life.

Course Layout

  • 4 Month Container

  • 6 - 1:1 sessions

  • Map of Brilliance PDF

  • All recordings of sessions

  • Daily exercises

  • Direct messaging support via Telegram

  • Access to any additional content I feel is necessary for your process


*Payment plans through the payment processor are available

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