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Prosperity of Pleasure

Prosperity of Pleasure

Embody bliss to actualize prosperity into your life

Learn how to access the bliss state.

Learn what blocks bliss.

Learn how to utilize bliss to manifest

Learn the blossoming of your genius through bliss

Webster's definition of prosperity: the condition of being successful or thriving - especially economic well-being and wealth

Alara Sage | Divine Feminine

Bliss is our natural state of being.  And because of that, it directly connects us to abundance, joy, and ecstatic pleasure as those are all inherent within us.

When we are in a bliss state, we are opened, aligned, and connected to the inexhaustible channel of infinite intelligence.

When we are in bliss we experience:

Feeling free, open, and expanded.

Clear and connected to intuition and Source Intelligence.

Available for the magic of life through us.

Devoted, intentional and deeply aligned with our life's work and creative genius.

Fully present and in pleasure to the moment.


Through the Trinity teaching of Creator Consciousness™, we become in harmonic resonance with Source and activate our bliss state.

From this resonance, we experience wealth in all aspects of life:

Connetion and intimacy that is loving and supportive

The flow of money

Clear expression of your unique genius into life

Feelings of fulfillment and "home"

Enjoyment of the journey of life rather than a perceived destination

Deep relaxation and a sense of well-being

Physical and emotional health and resilience


Creator Consciousness

Creator Consciousness

Embodiment connects us to our wisdom and intuition.

Manifestation gives us the channels to actualize creative life force energy into form.

Genius is the lens of our unique brilliance through which our Life's work is revealed.

This Workshop is for you if:

You desire more connection to your innate wisdom.

You desire to create via flow rather than force.

Desire more mastering of manifestation and embodiment.  

Desire to feel good every day, no matter what you are experiencing.

Desire to access more of your brilliance and life's work.

Desire to activate your highest potential.


The Workshop

Oct. 28th @10am pst

Live experience - we will:

  • Bring you into your body and the power of the present moment

  • Teach you and activate you in your bliss body

  • Intentionally direct this bliss into your Heart's desires

  • Awaken dormant codes of your genius with

  • Change your life!

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Sign Me UP!!!

Alara Sage | Thank you

Thank you!!

From my heart to yours, I deeply thank you.  I am grateful that you are here. I am grateful that you exist and that you are seeking the highest version of yourself.

Alara Sage

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