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Opening the Heart Through Forgiveness

Opening the Heart Through Forgiveness

$15.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price

**Please note:  this recording is reduced in price due to some background noise that does not effect the overall experience


Forgiveness is the highest act of self-love. You love yourself to much to allow another to disturb your peace.  A release of hate, resentment, anger and pain.











- these are all direct emotions of an area that needs forgiveness


Forgiveness opens us up and allows deeper levels of connection to Self.  When we hold resentment, hate, anger, or pain towards another being or circumstance, we do not allow ourselves to feel love for that being or for that experience.  Thus, we restrict our ability to love.  


Forgiveness is not about validating or allowing what occured, it is about letting yourself heal and reconnect to the love of Self.  It is about empowering yourself within that experience.  It is about you.  Through forgiveness we connect, and we are able to experience deep levels of gratitutude for every aspect of our life, thus filling our life with more love, abundance, and magic.


Whether you need to connect to forgivess of others, yourself, or even God, this event will assist you in doing so.  Through the use of sound, words, and energy Lisa Marie - Shakti Ma will bring forth a powerful transmission in order for you to heal and reconnect to the love within.



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