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Inner Child Connection & Healing

Inner Child Connection & Healing


* distrust

* difficulty with vulnerability

* disconnection to intuition and/or emotions

* difficulty creating

* difficulty with connection

* inability to have boundaries

* fear of abandonment - attachment issues

* difficulty with imagination

* difficulty sexually

* general sense of oppression or the feeling that one must always "do right"

* disconnection to joy, playfullness, "letting loose"

* difficulty being in the moment


Are all signs of a distorted Inner Child.  In this event recording, through intention, you will be connected to your inner child and a tremendous amount of healing and love will be offered to this version of you.  Working with energy, sound and words, Lisa Marie Shakti Ma will bring high frequencies into the space.  


** For optimum results, please listen to it 2-3 times at least. Headphones recommended

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