You Are Loved

Hi, I’m Lisa Marie and welcome to my space Shakti Ma. This is going to be a meditation of love. So just take a nice couple of nice deep breaths and simply start to become aware of the space.  Aware of your body, aware of your heart center, aware of the great potential you the greatest possible you the great infinite you. Close your eyes. I want you to feel, to allow, to receive. See the energy of this video. Even if you’re not aware, just set the intention to receive the energy of love. Deep breath. Receiving you online, receiving the great infinite being that you are receiving all of the light and worthiness that you carry. Breath. Just being your body you are. You are love and every single moment, the only moment in this moment you are love. Deep breath. Breathe that into your heart. Bury that into your body. Believe it, absorb it become it. You are loved with every single thing that you do with every choice that you make you are love. No matter what you feel no matter what you think you are love. No matter what is occurring around you, inside of you, you are loved. Breathe. Realize allow yourself to be held in this infinite love that always exists for you, around you to you. It always holds you and never judges you. It is here in this very moment, loving you it has. No care for what job you do for what you have succeeded in for what you have failed in. It doesn’t care what you do in every moment. It is love. You are loved as a child, as an adult as an elderly person without a body. You are loved on the most glorious day Your life. When you beam light and joy, you are loved. And in that moment you’re giving yourself permission to feel it. But that same love is present on your worst day. When you feel low, sad, angry, betrayed, shameful. You are loved. Deep breath. Allow yourself to hear this. Allow yourself to believe this in this very moment. You’re fully, completely, absolutely and infinitely left. Always loved, perfectly loved in the eyes of this love, you are perfect in this moment and in every moment you are perfect. You are perfect.  Allow this energy all the way in your body into every single cell. Set the intention right now that every single cell in your body absorb this love. Absolute love, infinite love love that is so deep. You can never find the bottom. You can continue to sink down to the depths further and further and share to light of its magnitude. Now never reaching the bottom. Deep breath. Allowing yourself it is only your allowance, your permission gives you access or does not give you access to this laugh and this very moment insist you are loved. Every little thing about you is fully accepted. fully appreciated. Fully honored in infinitely love.  Every single cell of your being, allow every single cell of your body of your being. To feel this love, allow any discomfort that you are feeling, to feel the love. The Love does not judge between that which is comfortable and that which is not between that which is right and that which is wrong between that which is late and that which is dark. Love does not choose, take sides or judge. So let everything that you are experiencing in this moment to be held in the love, deep breath, everything. Everything you are is loved. Everything you have ever experienced in this life and beyond is love. Everybody every possible experience that you could ever experience is love. Breathe. Breathe that in, surrender to it, see how it feels you allow it, sink into it, become it. It is which you are it is you realize that this is you realize that it is always here. Even when you feel as though it is not. When you feel alone and unloved you are left without judgment. Love does not try to convince you. It simply is there. You see it or you don’t. And there is no right or wrong. And the moments that you see it, you see it and the moments that you don’t. You don’t but it always There you are, always love. Deep breath. Come back to your body, come back to this space and just feel the lightness that exists. There’s no judgment, whether there is lightness or not. There’s you should have more. You should have less or I should feel different. Just see it, experience it from a neutral perspective be the observer of yourself. Nothing more, nothing less a neutral state of observation of acceptance. You have the keys to your very own freedom. Thank you.

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