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A message wanted to come through just now about wounded warriors. So if you’re watching this, you are one in some expression or another.

So firstly, it’s important to not get caught up in any description or label or allow the ego to attach. The most supreme warriors are those who are also the most humble. Even the wounded warrior in this moment is triggering a few of you.

So I offer you to take some nice deep breaths into your solar plexus. Bringing the word warrior. Strong, defiant, courageous. were strong, resilient, resilient. Breathe into your solar plexus allow these words the energy, the presence to draw love into this space for you. Resilient: you my dear warrior, are resilient.

Breathe: allow this deep love to hold you are you don’t believe that you are resilient. Allow it to hold you; are you in struggle; physically emotionally mentally? Where within this space you struggle; wow, in that expansion. In this moment, as you the true  You, the one infinite love comes more into your space; you are flooded with more light with a more essence of your being.

Breathe into your solar plexus create space within your being right now resilient warrior strong, determined courageous forever present; loyal, loyal, loyal awareness here, right now; are you struggling to be loyal to yourself

all else, above all else, before, prior to all else, loyal to you, loyal to the self, very deeply please. Believing that somehow this loyalty has led you astray, distrusting and this loyalty Realize right now this is untrue. your mind and your ego have left lead you astray. loyal to your truth will not do this it will bring you deeper into the roots of your being stronger, more resilient, more aligned, and more true.

Breathe into the solar plexus, allowing for this distrust of loyalty within yourself. Who are you loyal to? What are you being loyal to outside of you? Even if you’re responsible for others, even if you have children or other people, those are not the answers. Be honest with yourself. What are you being loyal to; the illusion the race, the dry the illusion that what you seek is outside of yourself. See how you are loyal to that? Where are you feeding that in your life? Where are you giving empowerment to? The illusion that you is out there. Deep breath down into the pit of your belly create space.

This is difficult, this is uncomfortable because you’re finding the shadow; shadows of yourself. Where do you believe that you lie? in glamour? Where do you believe that you lie and stay? Where do you believe that was you? Lies and some sort of label or description of yourself that has absolutely nothing to do with who you truly are. Allow this information we present right now. believe that it exists.

Breathe once again into the pit of your stomach. Dear warrior, that seeks the strength outside of itself, the courage outside of itself, the truth outside of itself when all lies within you already Why are you here? You’re here to lead, to guide, to be, to be. That’s why you’re here to be this light be this love to be this strength for so many. All of that is right now within you another deep breath; Where are you putting your power outside of yourself? Where are you seeking? validation from others? where are you seeking to be seen? to be heard? to be realized outside of yourself?

Breathe right now, into the solar plexus in the sacral chakra. Yes. Now you come further into your being field, your pelvis field how you grounding how you’re routing. How the presence exists now within your space, you, you, your courage, the warrior, the humble, honored or the respected the scene warrior. Breathe again, feeling the presence in your physical body, allowing this power right now: allow in the power allow and the strength; This is you: want to come into yourself. Why do you resist your own strength? Because you don’t believe it exists.

Breathe right: Now in this light, in this power offered, invited into your body, feeding your physical body, feeding the cells, deep breath, yes, now expands out into your field, into your emotional body. strength. Emotionally strong, Desn’t mean you don’t feel it’s the opposite. It means you feel everything and you are capable able to hold that space. Allow right now, that to be present, for you, and your emotional body; allows feeling; all the feelings. You can hold this space for yourself, first and foremost, for yourself. First and foremost. emotional strength means that you are present with every single emotion that arises. It doesn’t overwhelm you, it doesn’t attach to you. It has no control over you. And yet you are present with it. You see it, you honor it, you respect it. And you allow it to be because you are not it. You don’t need to associate to it. You don’t need to attach to it. It can be present right? Now in your field, allow right now, anything that wants to be present in this energy, allow it to be a present, to be held, to be seen, to be found, to be experienced. Even if it’s an intense, Breathe breathe, IS THERE HAVE YOU, HAVE YOU aligned yourself present as all of this is present with your brain allowing more, more to be present more of these unresolved emotions. More in your body more grounded more present more here.

There’s nothing to fear. You as the warrior know that deep inside of you, where is that? find that connect to that right now? Where in your being, Do you know? No. There is nothing to fear. connect to that. You brought that here. You came with that knowing, that you, forgotten; it is only part of your journey to forget it; to really acknowledge it to realize it. What makes you the way that you are Where in your be Do you know? There is nothing to fear. No matter what is occurring in your physical body, no matter what emotion you are feeling, no matter what is occurring within this illusion, connecting to staying with that knowingness; there is nothing to fear; that is, where your courage lies, the vulnerability of being open to your emotions being present, and that is vulnerability. And courage arises from that space, within, surrounded, held by this deep knowing that there is nothing to fear.

Fear is an illusion of the physical reality that you, my dear one, exists beyond the breathe, the breathe; open, allow, create space right now. You exist beyond beyond the physical, beyond the physical, beyond the physical. Deep breathe, allowing the fears; the physical world to be present. Held, without knowing that there is nothing to fear: allows viewers to be present. Notice, see how you can hold them in this knowing they can be here. The fear can be present, doesn’t mean that you believe it. By allowing them my holding them, you disempower them, new, my dear warrior, who is made of strength and courage and love, such a deep, deep intrinsic love and that you have been disconnected from this does not mean that you are not these, because you have forgotten them makes you no less them.

They are you there is no separation between you and them. All you must do is allow yourself to remember once again Why were you wounded? So that you can heal and you can help others heal? What happens when we’re wounded out on the battlefield right in the midst of the storm, right in the midst of the fight in the battle, what happens? We dig so deeply down into ourselves, to find the utmost strength and courage to get us home. crawling across the battlefield to get on with every inch, left and strength Where are you? Dear warrior, where is your strength? Deep breathe right now, as you are aligned lit up activated, reminded Breathe, as you are reminded of this strength as you are reminded; why you are here, as you are reminded of the power, absolute power. That you’re recall: Can you breathe? allowing, open you may have been wounded but you are not broken. There is a difference.

Believe, no claim the truth that you are not broken, what you are is impossible to break. That is simply an illusion of the physical world. And you my dear beyond that. Allow your wounds to be healed. Remember who you are. Remember why you are here. Remember why you are here. Nice deep breaths, your soul so very, very loud. And so appreciate it. Thank you so much for being here with me. Thank you for opening thank you for remembering.

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