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Woo Woo - Musing

"woo woo" "woo"

If you use this word as a spiritual person, you are literally insulting your magic...your brilliance.

You are choosing the side, that many years ago, burned women at the stake.

You are choosing to feed the wolf that you say you don't desire as your allies.

You are choosing a false sense of security and safety.

You are choosing the side that continues to strive towards disempowerment and enslavement.

Fuck that.

Woo woo to me is believing in scarcity.

Woo woo to me is believing that you are anything other than absolutely magical. As a fractal of creation, how could you not be.

Woo woo to me is believing that you are not deeply connected to the stream of consciousness that makes up your atoms and can inform you ("psychic abilities") of the energy around you.

Woo woo to me is continuously choosing to conform to societal acceptance at the cost of your own fucking dignity and integrity. fucking crazy. out of this world absurd.

Woo-woo Definition & Meaning - Woo-woo is a slang term used to insult mystical or supernatural beliefs not backed up by science.

I don't need science to define my reality. Yes, there is a beautiful place for science and I respect it greatly. But as the sole determination of what is "real"? - fuck no!

Time and time again, as it will continue to happen, science debunks itself. It proves its previous "truths" to be partial truths or downright falsities.

Intelligence is within YOU.

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