Womb Healing

I am Lisa Marie,  and welcome to my space Shakti Ma.  In this session we’re going to go into the womb and bring in some deep healing energies into the world. Men can do this as well, even though you don’t have a womb you can send the healing to the collective womb which is very powerful for any divine masculine energy to be supporting the Divine Feminine the womb and this way. So go ahead and start by closing your eyes. Taking some nice deep breaths and bringing your awareness to your body bringing your awareness to the energy that is becoming present within yourself space. Deep breath. Bringing the intention to allow. Allow this energy allow the healing. Allow yourself to open to receive to transform. Now drop your awareness to your womb. If you’re a man just set the energy set the intention for the energy of the collective womb. Simply breathe and allow the womb and all of the reproductive organs the essence of the divine feminine, the essence of creation, allowing this whole region to be highlighted with light with love allowing this region to be recognized, to be appreciated. From yourself to yourself to the room appreciation recognition for this divine energy for this space of creation absolutely marvelous. space. Deep breath. For it is here at the creation of life is made. This time symbolism far exceeds just the human body. The symbolism of the room is creation of all life. The Shakti the creative energy of the entire universe recognized. Deep breath. Appreciate it for what it truly is the creative energy of the entire universe, the creative capacity of everything of life itself. Now the energy of forgiveness begins to become apparent within your field. This beautifully soft and rich energy. Allow this energy forgiveness to come into the womb into the reproductive organs and system forgiveness for all the womb has carried. Deep breath.  Forgiveness for all the womb has experienced, forgiveness of the suppression from grade forces allow the forgiveness deep down into the energy of suppression. Forgiveness down into the anger and the hate of the womb to the moon, experienced by the womb. Forgiveness to the energy of control. Control within the beauty of vulnerability as a room is vulnerable and it’s beautiful divine power to control and manipulation that overshadow that allowing this heavy energy Be felt allowing them to be held in this deep, deep forgiveness into the energy of loss. Last for all the lives last forgiveness to all forgiveness for that pain. Forgiveness for the suppression of expression. Forgiveness for all the ways in which the Divine Feminine the Shakti the Divine Mother The womb was disrespected under appreciated and suppressed. Feeling allowing that forgiveness, start to completely encapsulate that space. Completely embracing the entire room and all the reproductive system and the depth of forgiveness. All is understood And released all the pain, all the karma all the ancestral lines of carrying this burden this pain and the suppression. For re allow the forgiveness fully, fully into every tiny crack every tiny atom within this space chakras open allowing for the subtle expansion Through this forgiveness the Divine Feminine can step into the power of creation. Divine Feminine can be fully empowered to the full strength, opening and realization of the energy of the womb, the Shakti. Allow relax to your divine power. Connect to it. See it, feel it, allow it. Dry your awarness back to your body back to this room. You can stay with that forgiveness for as long as it feels right. I also have a deeper, more profound version of this healing available on my website. You can listen to this healing for many times to pull more benefit from it. If you feel as though you are more blocked, you have more trauma or karma there. You can find the in depth healing to further release you and step you into your power. Thank you. I love you.

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