Hi, I’m Lisa Marie and welcome to my space Shakti Ma. 

Victim perpetrator energy is a program a realization and understanding the role that humanity has been playing for a very long time. However we ended this role. This offers us the empowerment within ourselves to no longer see ourselves within these identities. To fully take pack power within every circumstance. So allow the words and the sounds to bring light to any energies within you that remain within these roles. Allow yourself to be triggered. Allow yourself to feel to become aware and allow yourself to fully heal. This isn’t about judgment about whether a circumstance was quote unquote right or wrong. This is about stepping into your empowerment, your truth and you are a divine light. So close your eyes and take a nice deep breath and bring your awareness to your physical body. Drawing awareness to all the energy that is held in a very dense manner within the physical body, the density of your bones, the density of your tissues and your organs. Within the density of your body lies the energy of the victim and the perpetrator the shame the guilt control and fear. Take a nice deep breath. Consciously bringing allowance into this space. Consciously connecting to the divine light that wants to be here for you. That is currently holding you. Holding you and compassion and love. Ready to walk this journey with him. Deep breath. Trying awareness down and tear it into your pelvis. Allowing for the energy of fear to be felt to be seen to be triggered. Fear that is felt when you believe that someone can do you harm that someone has done you harm. The fear that your body is limited, that your resources are limited. The Press breath fear that you cannot control your surroundings feeling into that fear that with any circumstances something can happen to you out of your control something that jeopardizes your safety and your security. Breathe deeply. Allow this fear to be triggered. Fear of safety within the physical body, being hurt, being molested being killed, being physically injured, being tortured. Breathe. Allow the sensations allowed feeling try to relax, allow. Try to breathe. Feel how in this moment you are fully supported by divine love. Deep breath, allow the support to be felt. And from this place of support allow this full fear to be fully recognized within its nastiness within its contraction, fear being ostracized, ridiculed, controlled, thrown out. Of your community of your family. Fear of having everything taken from you. Breathe.  Believe them against circumstances against you feeling and all energies against you breathe, relax open, allowing this to be fully present. Seeing how insecure that energy is not within you, but the energy that you are giving the power to the perceived perpetrator whether a being or circumstance, an event, or simply an energy realize what it actually consists of. It consists of fear consists of unconfidence is weak and meager like a bully. Deep breath. Allow for full realization of what this energy actually contains. All circumstances in which you have felt this energy of perpetrator against you as a perceived victim. Allow in the most intense circumstances, in the most subtle allow all these energies to be present From this space of fully supported by this divine light feel into what actually resides here. What actually exists. The pain, fear but how meek how weak how insecure that fear truly is. How it doesn’t have support, how it has nothing to reside on, except itself. Deep breath sensing feeling, experiencing realizing the fear only has itself to support it. Deep breath start to feel yourself be empowered. As you realize, your choice, your empowerment, your light. As you see the fear for what it is, feel as the energy begins to increase within you. Breathe continue is a light begins to continue to fill you to empower you to support you seeing the fear for what it truly is like a tiny lizard that’s so scared is attempting to be a dinosaur What happens when you truly see it for its insecurity? For its lack of power, hello. When you choose not to give it power by believing and its strength and its control over you, as you choose to see it for what it is, feel how the energy shifts from it to you hangout. I am and from this incredible space, this space of power, of empowerment of truth. Seeing the fear the perpetrator for what it is no longer claiming yourself as a victim for a victim is not empowered. Victim is not an empowered role. where you stand right now within your light, you are empowered within the love and the truth of your being. Breath claim it. claim it. claim it. Claim the Divine Light the power which you always are never Are you without realize that you choose to own it or to give it away This is your choice. And in this moment choose to be empowered. Choose to be the Divine Light very allowing for any distrust within this energy To be felt any disbelief and he believes that this energy in itself is not enough.  Deep breath. The belief that your divine light is not enough against the perceived perpetrator allow this belief to be seen fully all of the spaces in your physical body and your entire being in which this belief resides. The distrust of your power allowing the divine light that exists right now to hold that distressed even that distrust is loved, accepted, seen held and how now that distrust has no power once again sensing the absolute support in this moment. Deep breath within this support within this light within this love. Deep breath. Empowerment, you are empowered in this very moment. Drop your awareness back down to that fear back down to your pelvis back down to the lower part of your body. All of the experiences circumstances to the beings and to the moment where the victim and perpetrator roles replaced. Were experienced and bringing this empowerment seeing the illusion fear the weakness that is not you. Deep breath. Not you and this empowered state of light, of truth of business of love. Simply seeing how you are not it. Letting it go letting the pain go Letting the fear go. letting all of the story go to shame, the guilt, the resentment the control. Choosing the empowered state of your being Allowing is your entire being ships. Allow breed. Stay in your light, stay supported, stay empowered. Breathe.  Bringing your awareness to your heart receiving the energy of compassion Just breathe in and receive it. Receive the compassion allow it to feel your heart space. Allow it to fill your entire space your entire being. Breathe. Allow open receive realizing that within this compassion is strength transformation disillusion. Breathe in draw it into your being beautiful, very good work. Stay in this space as long as you need continuing to breathe in, soak up, drink, the compassion that is held here now for you within every now, the only now this infinite compassion exists. For you. You are deeply loved, deeply, deeply appreciated, and always supported. I love you. Thank you for being here. Thank you. Breathe allow, in this moment, the only moment that exists allowing all this.

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