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Unveiling the Primordial Femme: A Journey into Intimacy and Aliveness

The Primordial Femme beckons us into the realms of mysticism, energy awakening, and the sacred dance of Shakti.

Shrouded in the tapestry of ancient teachings, the Primordial Femme is, at its essence, the embodiment of Shakti – the creative life force energy that pulsates through the cosmos and courses within every being.

It is the magic that has been absent from our planet for over 5,000 years.

Understanding Shakti and Tantra

To grasp the essence of the Primordial Femme, we must first delve into the roots of Shakti and Tantra.

Tantra means to weave. Its primary teaching is on the weaving of the Feminine and the Masculine into Divine Union. It invites us to unify the dualities within ourselves, unlocking the realization of divinity within.

“Where duality meets, God is revealed” - Alara Sage

In Tantric philosophy, Shakti is the goddess energy inherent in all individuals, known as the Primordial Femme. This creative life force exists not only in our bodies but also in every facet of existence – from the breath we take to the light that surrounds us.

Shakti is first recognized as Kundalini Shakti when she is dormant and awaiting awakening. At the base of the spine, she awaits like a coiled serpent.

Once activated, Shakti embarks on her journey of liberation through your body until she reaches the crown chakra, where she is unified with the God Shiva. This is Divine Union, this is enlightenment.

Shakti is liberation

It is a powerful realization to understand and experience that your Kundalini Shakti - your primordial femme energy - is the key to the liberation of your suffering and, ultimately, transcendence into the remembrance of your Divinity.

But, most importantly for our human experience, Tantra is about intimacy. Tantra and the journey of Shakti creates deeper intimacy with ourselves, our bodies, our desires, and others in our life.

This intimacy is what humans crave and oftentimes fear at the same time. For with intimacy comes vulnerability.

But what if these two things are both powerful instead of weak?

What if our understanding of intimacy and vulnerability has led us down a path of cold disconnection that doesn’t feel good?

I believe that it has. And it has been through my own personal journey of the awakening of my Shakti that has led me back to a life of intimacy and aliveness.

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