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What is understanding?  What does it mean to understand something?  It feels as if it is something that the mind takes down into a concept.  Perhaps it is a limitless moment taken down into a timed piece of information.  A piece of information that becomes “understood”. And thus not malleable. So to keep something in the energy of mystery, allows it to stay in a state of creation.  Interesting.

Is it better, than, to not understand anything?  Mostly so, yes. There is a fine line between intuiting something as beneficial and understanding it.  To intuit something is to feel that there is benefit there for the individual. To understand something is to believe, to create an image within the mind that expresses what that particular experience means in the relative world.  But beyond relative, where is the foundation? Understanding only has benefit in the relative world. So you must ask yourself, which world do you wish to play in?  

In the world of creation, in the world of the I AM, things are not understood as much as they are known.  They are intuitively felt as “right” or “wrong” with regards to the Geometrical position of something not right or wrong with regards to social understandings or beliefs.  Geometrical position is where something lies within creation…how it was built…what properties it contains or does not contain. It is, more scientific than “understanding” is.  Understanding is all relative to that particular mind. Hence why some people can understand something one way and another group of people can understand it a different way. Understanding is the view point of the observer, it is not the mathematical position of the entity.

To have something that is apparent to you, is often said to be understood.  But we invite a new perspective on this word. We invite the knowing or remembrance to be inserted here.  Knowing and remembrance comes from the original source. That of creation itself. To simply know or remember does not require the mind to be involved.  It is the divine intelligence that lights up from within. The mind can never play a part of this. The mind will only try to dissect and “understand” even that which is already known or understood.

The mind can often be equated to a small child.  The small child is open and easily manipulated, taught, or influenced.  The mind is very malleable and can easily be influenced. Again, this is advantageous to those who are trying to influence.  However, the knowing, the remembrance cannot be influenced. It simply is. There truly isn’t anything to influence because it is rooted in creation itself.  So the more energy is put into remembrance, the less influenced one becomes. However, again coming back to telepathy. The entity that is rooted in remembrance benefits the most from telepathy.  To see into the mind that is creating the collective consciousness. To literally see and think as the one that it is attempting to assist and help, is the most powerful perspective possible.

You can sense what it would have looked like to follow a path of complete remembrance.  Filled with love, ease, grace and constant information both through your knowing and through site and sound.  You can feel what this is like. And you most definitely know what this would be like as you have experienced this many times before.  You are no longer living the past that you have thought to. You are living the past that you wish to.

A complete timeline does not need to be reconstructed.  You can create the primary foundation simply from the intention that it was as such.  Remembrance. Belief and trust. All things from this timeline will very rapidly begin to show itself in your life as if there was never anything outside of this.  You must simply continue to know that this is. If doubt co, realizing, acculatizing your power. The mind does not serve you in creating your life or stepping into your power.  You have already stepped into your power. You were never outside of it. How do you create with it is the question that you want to ask. You must continue, over and over, to remain in the knowing and create from that space.  That is all that must be “done”. Anything outside of that is mind.realize and recognize it as the mind. Where does the mind belong? It belongs only in understanding the human collective. 

These are all mind concepts.  Now not to say that some are not beneficial within the reality and realm that you currently play.  There are those that do in fact increase your parameter. There are those that allow you to be seen and to spread your ability to represent that energy that you are.  So feel into which ones allow you to be seen.  

Where must you put your energy, your focus in order to create the largest expansive energy.  This is the question to ask. Where is most in alignment with your creative force. When asking the question to yourself, feel how it affects your energetic being.  Feel what lights you up and what does not. Simply follow the light. Do not allow the mind to intervene. Once again the knowingness is where you are in alignment.

The trouble that you seek is an illusion.  There is no trouble, there truly is no self sabotage.  What is self sabotage other than allowing the mind to play games with itself.  But if you are not in the mind, there are no participants to play with. The energy of creation does not play games.  It simply is and always attempting to expand and grow. It seeks nothing other than expansion. The mind is what wants to create a belief of sabotage a belief that there is something to sabotage in the first place.  What is there to sabotage if the playing field is flat and void of anything. Isn’t that what creation is ultimately, void of all yet complete and whole. It is only the mind that then creates things and stuff within the creation itself.  Like the empty canvas cannot be deemed anything, neither can creation. 

  The more time is spent there, the less the mind can do anything other than work for and within creation.  It stops trying to manipulate itself and becomes open to the vastness of creation. You are here , otherwise you would not be receiving this.  You are here, in creation right now, otherwise, your fingers would not be so fluid to allow. Everything that you thought you understood has been released.  You are on a blank canvas and you are now in full capacity to simply allow the knowingness to work within that blank canvas. It is most beneficial to attempt to paint as little as possible.  In other words, it is most beneficial to use the mind as little as possible and instead allow the canvas to continue to move, and grow. It automatically works within itself. It automatically moves and expands.  Nothing must be done in order for this to happen.

The ever question of this realm or density is still within the mind.  But yes, do allow things to be created. Allow the things to come through you.  What wishes to come through you in this moment. Ask that again and again from the remembrance state.  See this beautiful work. This is that.

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