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Tired, exhausted - Musing

"I'm so tired" "I'm so exhausted" "I have no hope"

....these are statements of a performance mindset. A mindset of force.

Open your legs my dear.....

Open your the pleasure that exists right here right now.

Notice how much you resist it. Notice how much you believe that you have to strive for for it. for it.

...when really you just need to open your legs and give yourself permission to surrender to the juiciness of your very own orgasmic being.

The juiciness of your own Sacred Waters....flowing relentlessly with desire and passion.

You orgasm....and fill your entire being with creative life force energy.

Your Sacred Waters flow into the physical, drenching everything within their juices of vitality and abundance.


There is no need to force. There is no need to exhaust yourself my love. Everything you desire is within you.

All you have to do is open your legs...

open your yoni.... the depths of your being to the source of creation within.

To express with bliss as your jaw your pelvis relaxes...

...and you open more. your legs to the creator that you are.

As the waves of orgasm move through your body...taking you deeper into the void. Deeper into creation itself. Filling your body and your entire surroundings with radiant life-force energy.

Experience the depths of your own magnificently, radiant being.

Exhaustion, fatigue, overwhelm...unfulfilled...hopeless...are direct "symptoms" of a woman who does not connect to her own pleasure, orgasm, and bliss.

A woman who does not yet remember her power.

Let me guide you to YOU. You are the key.

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