Hi, I’m Lisa Marie, and welcome to my space Shakti Ma.

. Just take a moment to take a nice deep breath and allow yourself to draw awareness to yourself, to your name, to all of the identities and labels that you now carry or have carried and taken.  Take another nice deep breath and imagine holding all of these in a crystal ball in your hand. All of these identities do not define who you are. In our society and as humans. We weigh so heavily on labels and descriptions. The first question when we meet somebody is often what do you do? And immediately we begin to define that person in accordance to that label, that description that identity. Breath. But what’s important to truly understand here is those identities are merely costumes in a play. They are the characters within this incarnation. But just like the costumes that the characters were or even the characters themselves, they are not defined by those rules. When the actors or actresses, take off those costumes and leave the stage, they do not take with them that identity. They return to themselves to the self. There is a part of us which never changes the self with a capital S. The true essence of our being, love light, the one infinite love, the one Infinite Creator that exists within everything. That essence never changes. No matter what costume or roll we done. We are always that. And even within that, we are always that within this incarnation, the pureness that was manifest when we choose to incarnate. Take another deep breath and allow yourself to feel into all of those identities. How they are perceived, both by yourself And by others what worth or value Have you given those identities? Perhaps everything. Perhaps you have given complete worth and value to one’s identity or perhaps several. How do you feel without that identity? If that were to be stripped from you, if all identities, all labels and descriptions were to be stripped from you, what would remain? What would remain is the truth. But can you see that Can you feel the part of you that is always present before any identity before any label. So deep breath. Allowing yourself a moment to experience inhaling exhaling, letting go of all identities and labels allowing for the wrongness to be exposed. We often fear this energy. We don’t believe it holds any weight within our society. If we are nothing so to speak. But that part of us, that is before the identities is actually everything. It is your true Nature, one infinite love. So deep breath allowing this moment of clarity, this moment of truth. allowing yourself to drop all those identities. sinking deeper into the self and head inhaling exhaling letting go and sinking deeper beginning to ask who am I before, without the identities, the labels and the descriptions. Who am I, truly? Deep breath and do your diaphragm and do your solar plexus. Who am I? Bringing awareness to your heart to your chest, your heart space. Who is the ultimate self. Deep breath. Dropping further into this love into this so deep.  Exhaling, letting identities all labels all descriptions of yourself, what remains? Who are you before everything. I’m connecting with the essence of yourself, the part that never changes the infinite love. Surrender lane drop into that space realizing the value of your existence. The value of your existence without any identity, without any job, without any form or role, the value of simply the existence of your being the business of who you are the one infinite love the one Infinite Creator that resides within you know. Then breath into your chest. Value worthiness before any identity without any identity without doing or being anything instant value and worthiness from simply your existence. Dropping the need to identify with anything dropping giving away of your value to any role position. Label identity. Bringing in the awareness allowing and the awareness that you are ultimately worthy valued simply in your existence.  You are love, you are light and through this you are extremely valuable completely valuable whole and very deep breath. Allow open yourself to this. reconnecting with the identity of one infinite love, the one Infinite Creator, the one that which you always are allowing this identity. Deep breath. Just continue to allow. Allowing the truth of who you are. Breathing in this truth. Breathing in deeper into the false self deeper into this incarnated body deeper into this incarnated being, allowing this being to fully begin to take in this truth this energy, this resonance of frequency of love expansion into this awareness. Allow your being expand allow. Dropping the mind and any thoughts that come through continuing to allow this truth as the one infinite love, you are worthy simply within your existence simply within your being before any Any thought, any emotion, any experience you are love and worthiness, intelligence, wisdom, creation allowing this light through you to shine through your individual stained glass out into your experience through your individually experience and expression.  You are allowed to stained glass you are allowed this personal palette of color and expression. But don’t forget and draw awareness to the light which shines through that expression. That light is pure. That light is value and worthiness That light is love. Deep breathe. Dry erase back to your body back to the space. Feel the value of worthiness, the pure love that exists within you always present and that exists in a more condensed form within your being in this moment this is you. Claim this on this become this. allow more and more this divine light to shine through you. Thank you. 

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