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The Sɛxy AF female leader

The Sɛxy AF female leader feels everything.

She is deeply connected to her own emotions and, thus, the emotions of others.

...but she doesn't get lost in them.

She knows how to hold a powerful container of feminine tenderness. Yes...powerful AND tender in the same breath.

She knows how to SEE others as the light that they are, and through her Sɛxy AF presence, she supports them to SEE themselves.

The Sɛxy AF female leader shifts her feelings of loneliness into the power of aloneness, blissfully surrendering to the pure steam of creative life force that moves through her....that moves HER.

She allows herself the depth of her own intimacy even though, at times, she feels inadequate and unworthy.

The Sɛxy AF female leader is magnetic and alluring because she declares and owns her desire.

She FLOWS through life, lifted by her very own authentic essence and light. Moving through challenges like water instead of rock - shifting, altering, changing her form while remaining true to her being.

She is Sɛxy AF not because of how she looks...but because of how she FEELS and her conviction of who she truly IS.

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