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The feminine - Musing

Women, do you allow your destroyer, your destructor, your all consuming being its full expression?

Or do you suppress her from the fear of what she might do?

The feminine is both death and rebirth. she consumes and she creates.

When we suppress one side of the coin, we suppress the totality of the coin itself. We suppress our very own genius.

One time I went camping up in the mountains in Colorado. Away from humanity.

I went for a hike and came across a ravine surrounded by steep mountain sides.

There had been a fire there the year before. The forest was completely burned to the ground.

Gaia, the powerful all consuming feminine, was pulling all of the dead trees down from the surrounding mountains.

Down into her crevice. Down into her vortex. Down into the river, where the water flowed.

Where the feminine waters flowed.

It was death. it was destruction. And yet the vibration was immense. The vibration of creation.

Nothing in the universe ever truly dies. It is simply transformed into another form, another experience.

In order for creation to exist, constant movement, flow and destruction must also exist.

We often fear destruction, our power to destroy, as women.

Because we fear causing pain and wounding. But that fear comes from our very own pain and wounding.

The feminine embodied Woman doesn't destroy from pain and thus doesn't create pain.

She transforms that which is ready to move into another cycle.

There is always fluidity and Grace within her presence.

The feminine power is always nurturing. Raw, exotic, mysterious and intense...though tenderly nurturing. She nurtures all aspects of life. She nurtures death and the process of death as much as the process of birth and of life itself.

My new program will take you on the journey of reconnection with the very depths of your feminine power. All of her aspects.

So that you can create from your genius.

So that you can destroy within integrity and harmony.

So that you can be the magnificence that you truly are.

If you are a leader, a creative, a visionary....I implore you to hear this message and to reach out.

This program is designed for you.

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