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Overwhelmed? - Musing


Then you are not receiving. You are not listening.

You are not receiving from the inexhaustible source of creative life force energy - the Ma - nourishment - within you.

You are not listening to her whispers of alignment and power that guide you where to focus your energy, your attention and your action.

Overwhelm is based in a performance mindset. A belief that there is a right or perfect way to do anything. A belief rooted in the disempowering social structures of "fitting in, being good".

Instead of anchoring into what lights YOU up, what you truly desire to do...focus on...create.

While overwhelm might be "normal" it is not natural. It is a direct sign and symptom of the abandonment from humanity to the God.

The abandonment of inexhaustible nourishment and nurturing for a false sense of security, success, accomplishment.

A masking of your brilliance.

A mask that doesn't fit.

It chafes your skin.

It makes it hard to breath.

You yearn to rebel, to remove it...but fear what lies beneath in.

Overwhelmed? Then where the fuck are YOU.

Is the universe overwhelmed? No...because just as much as she creates, she consumes. She devours and receives into the cosmic womb for alchemization and transformation.

This is a toxic wound within humanity. Particularly within woman.

A wound where we have abandoned ourselves. Abandoned the source of our nourishment and nurturing.

Yes, that hurts.

Yes, that feels lonely, isolated, empty, lifeless, drained, disconnected...

In order to shift the illusion of overwhelm, you must reconnect to the intelligence within yourself. You must let go and trust your innate knowing.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Stop. Breath. Receive & Listen.

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