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No Other - Musing

There is no circumstance, there is no person, there is no "other" that is causing you pain and suffering... is only you. You are the source of your own pain, your own joy, your own slavery and your own liberation.

You are the key to your life.

The finger is easy to point. It makes you feel that you have something/someone to blame, because to truly open and see where the source very painful.

It can be painful, shameful, guilt-ridden to acknowledge that you are the creators of your own reality.

But this is only because you don't understand your power. You are constantly giving your power away and the wondering why you feel disempowered. And then you shame yourself for your lack of integrity.


And yet, your power awaits you. Like an unhatched egg.

It awaits your own awareness. It await your touch. It awaits the acknowledgment of its depths.

For it is inexhaustible...not merely not exhausted...but bottomless. No end to its abilities...its beauties.

It will drop you to your knees with tears of gratitude and reverence...if you dare to see it. If you dare to embrace it.

There are spaces within you that you have deemed "forbidden". The magical spaces within your body and nervous system that cannot be revealed until you choose to.

Or you can continue this BS game with yourself. This very painful and unfulfilling game. This lonely and exhausting game.

The decision is truly yours.

Do you have the courage to see who you truly are? Do you have the courage to unleash your brilliance and beauty upon this world.

The world needs you. You specifically. The world desperately needs your genius that only hold.

Your magic is within. Unleash it.

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