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MY Creative Spirit - Musing

When I was about 12 years old my Nana told me that I would write a book one day.

There was something about those words...they stuck.

They rang true to my 12 year old self.

I've always been a great writer.

However, throughout the years, the book did not come. I tried several times to sit down and write it.

It wasn't available.

I tried fiction...I tried non-fiction.

It wasn't available.

I wasn't available.

I wasn't available to the Divine Love that desired to move through me.

I wasn't available to level of pleasure and orgasm that I experience when I open to it.

And now... I am.

The truth about pleasure is that it is rooted in Divine Love. When you allow the Love, of who you truly are as a fractal of Creation, to move through your body and out into your reality... is deeply orgasmic.

It lights you up from all levels of your being. It is a deep orgasm that is challenging to describe.

I'm writing this book for me.

I'm writing this book for my own orgasmic pleasure as the fractal of Divine Love that I am.

As I understand that the allowance of such brilliance serves all.

As my genius emerges within this life, I cannot help but feel the erotic delight of meeting her.

She is uniquely beautiful.

Uniquely brilliant.

And I am deeply in love with her.

Stay tuned for her deliciously ecstatic creation.

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