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Intimacy - Musing


We desire it, we yearn for it...we need it.

It is an important part of human development and of human prosperity.

And yet, we fear it We avoid it. We don't understand it.

We prefer to control the level of the field that we play on rather then surrender to the depths that intimacy invites us to play.

Because it is deep.

And it has no bottom. It is bottomless.

Within the juicy, raw surrender of can just keep going.

Until you begin to feel "lost".

Until you "lose" yourself.

And that is what we fear. The "lose" of our identity.

And the beautiful irony is that it is also exactly what we desire.

To "lose" ourselves into the void.

To fully let go and be held within the nothingness.

To allow the vibration of creation to stream through our nervous system, our cells, and our bodies....restructuring...recreating...

...nurturing. Nurturing so deeply and profoundly that you almost cannot breath.

And yet, breath comes.

And you hit ecstatic orgasmic bliss.

This...can happen with the intimacy of your very own being. That is actually where it begins.

It can happen with the intimacy with another.

It can happen with the intimacy of the moment....the intimacy with pain.

Everything offers intimacy.

And within everything is an opportunity to be deeply nurtured within full surrender.

Let me help you.

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