Giving Vs Emanating

I want to share two very different ways to experience energy. Many individuals find themselves tired, exhausted, and drained of energy. They feel as though they cannot be around large groups of people, or even around people for an extended period of time. One of the reasons this occurs is because of how they are expressing their Infinite Love.

First, it is important to understand that we are all connected and are, therefore, of the One Infinite Love. This is a very bright light. A very powerful and infinite source of energy. It is the energy of everything, the Source of all. It is infinite and equal to all. So, if we are connected to this source, how is it possible to feel drained?

What happens to the majority of people is that they are working from a space of what I call, “giving” energy. Giving love, light, healing, etc. The more beneficial space, to all parties involved, is what I call, “emanating” energy.

Giving energy can be equated to a spout from your heart chakra. This is where you direct energy, love, to others, through this spout. The thing to understand about the spout, is that for one, the giver of the energy is not actually fully within the energy themselves. The energy goes from the heart into the spout. Another thing to be aware of is that the spout is a narrowed field of energy. It can, therefore, be directed at a person, or a few people, but it has limitations as to its radius of execution.

The person who is “divine” energy is sending the energy from the heart space out to the focused individual. In a sense, they are draining themselves of the energy in order to give it to another. They do not benefit from the experience, or they benefit on a very small scale. Not efficient nor, honestly, loving. Because loving would suggest that all benefit from the One Infinite Love, for it has no judgments or preferences.

When a person begins to “emanate” energy, they are marinating in it themselves. They become the energy because they realize that they are the energy. The energy then begins to radiate out from them on all sides. So, while the individual is sitting in the divine light of love, they are also radiating that love out in a large sphere around them.

In this way, they affect every single being that they come into contact with. Not in an intrusive way, but simply in a shining of the One Infinite Love way. They do not grow tired or exhausted because all the while their frequency is in alignment with love, thus they are vibrating throughout. They are the energy of the One Infinite Love.

The key to being able to emanate vs give is the ability to love oneself. To fully accept yourself and see yourself as the One Infinite Love.  When we give love and acceptance to ourselves, we open a much larger door to the One Infinite Love. We step into a belief that we are worthy of great depths of love. The energy is then allowed to pour in at great quantities.

Once these quantities have been established, and basically absorbed by the being, they naturally begin to emanate that energy outwards towards others. You can imagine a sphere of Infinite Love located in the heart. As it is acknowledged and received, it begins to grow larger and larger. It encapsulates the individual within the energy and continues to grow out past the physical body out into the energetic field.

What our society understands is that it is selfish to give to ourselves first. That we must give energy to others, and take it for ourselves last. However, as noted and described, this creates an insufficient use of energy for all.

Self love and acceptance isn’t just about the self. It is actually the portal to providing more love to all. Through this method, there is never a shortage, only a surplus. The giver is energized from emanating such a beautiful frequency and the receivers are given the opportunity to match that frequency depending on their own capacity to receive love for themselves.

And it isn’t just for humans, animals and all of nature receives and feels the vibration that is emanated from those who fully love and accept themselves.

So, begin to allow yourself to see self love as a form of service. Because it is. It is service-to-others 101. Spend time in your heart space. Breath in the frequency of the One Infinite Love, and exhale it back into your heart space. Allow yourself to fully receive this light.

Become aware of how this energy naturally feels good to you. This energy naturally feels like home because it is the foundation of everything. You can feel safe within its presence and you can begin to open yourself more and more.

The more you do this, the deeper levels of love and consciousness will be revealed to you. You will begin to experience depths of love and bliss that you never thought possible. All the while you will begin to emanate this vibration and offer it to everything, and everyone, around you.

Your limiting beliefs around love, both receiving and giving, will also be revealed. You cannot be in this frequency and have those beliefs still running. You will be given the opportunity to become aware of these beliefs and to ultimately transform them. All of this can happen from simply exhaling the love back to your own heart chakra.

It is the ultimate form of service. The ultimate form of love.

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