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“We are our own biggest critic”. This is a common statement and speaks deeply of the fundamental resistance within ourselves, to ourselves. It is a deep wound that separates ourselves from the One Infinite Love that we are. It is the “strike” that we give ourselves that puts us out of our very own game. Can you fully accept yourself? Have you asked yourself this question or have you begun the process of attempting this? What does it mean to accept yourself?

Acceptance of the self creates incredible expansion in which the true essence of your being, the One Infinite Love, can shine through. But the acceptance must be felt down to the core of your being in order for it to truly be acceptance. One cannot express acceptance of the self and then deem a particular experience, action or reaction, wrong or bad. One cannot, through awareness, see a part of oneself and immediately want it to change or be different. This is not acceptance.

True acceptance is the understanding that you as a being are innately perfect. You as a being are innately whole. You as a being, within your unique expression, are already the One Infinite Love. To truly understand, not only on a conceptual basis but on an experiential level, that your journey is a unique expression of the One Infinite Love and therefore can never be “wrong” within its actions or reactions. This can be difficult to hear or to fully understand, mainly due to our social constructs of what is deemed is right or wrong, what is good or bad.  It is important to understand that within the context of this explanation, this is not referring to the integrity of your actions. This is not referring to whether you are causing another harm or not.  So, to be clear, these words are based within the understanding of integrity of the individual. Because, as a being who is aware of being an individualized expression of the One Infinite Love, there is an innate integrity that exist. 

The divine intelligence that simply knows that doing harm (knowingly and purposefully) onto others will carry its own form of repercussion. Ultimately, society does not need to balance one’s cruel act onto another, the divine intelligence will do that naturally and automatically.  But this is not the subject of this conversation. It is brought up only to emphasize that this is not referring to the fundamental concept or act of doing or not doing harm to another being.

So within that knowledge, we come back to acceptance of self.  To move through the experience without guilt, shame, or judgment.  Instead, move through the experience in a state of the observer, of surrender, and of love.

Within each experience there is something to be gained from what it offers.  Each experience offers just that, an experience. It doesn’t matter if it is going down a rollercoaster or running a fortune 500 company.  Each individual experience has its own unique quality and expression. Within this expression there is a fountain of information for the individual, for the self. Within each experience, if we take on the role of the observer, we can see how we act and react to any given stimulus.  And from these actions we can see our beliefs, constructs, and patterns. And then, we can choose to accept them or to not accept them. To not accept something that we experienced is to create guilt and shame.  It is to perceive that somehow, that experience was “wrong” and imperfect. But, truly, how can any experience be anything but imperfect when all there is is the One Infinte Love.  Is creation itself imperfect? No doubt many would agree.

But if the experience is instead accepted as perfect, the only possibility is growth, expansion and realization.  Why? Because within the acceptance of the experience and of the self, there is an understanding, a realization that occurs.  The energy, the information, because apparent and accessible. Through acceptance of the self, that portion of the self can ultimately be dissolved into the Self, the I am, the One Infinite Love. That expression can be fully realized and understood.  When something is not accepted, the energy contracts. It is “held onto”. It is not processed fully, and it will continue to be created in our reality in order for us to see it and accept it. It will continue to shout and holler until it is heard and loved. This is the act of unconditional love, the act of the One Infinite Love, to be able to fully accept all that is within ourselves. Through this unconditional love of ourselves, we are able to transcend into higher vibrations of love light. When we do not accept ourselves, when we shame and guilt ourselves, we hold ourselves within that energy. We continue our patterns and our reality repeats itself, we slow our ascent, so to speak. So what does it mean to fully accept the self, truly?  In one fashion we can come to understand that since we are the One Infinite Love, we are already accepted fully. This knowledge, if fully embraced, can transcend the self rapidly. Or we can take it bite by bite, and within each experience we can be our own observer. We can, through the eyes of neutrality, allow ourselves to see the experience within its full light.  This can show us all of the different ways in which that experience is relevant to the individuated self. It can show how that experience enriched our growth and journey process, instead of deeming it a failure, or wrong within its expression. It can provide “the golden nugget” of wisdom that we can then take forward on the journey of ascension and expansion. This, of course, takes a level of allowance. Allowance within the self will open the energy, open the information, open the experience to be seen in full light instead of from the relative experience of something being wrong or bad. Allowing oneself to “make mistakes”, allowing oneself to be different, allowing oneself to experience, to play, to try, to attempt, to “see” and to be. Truly giving yourself permission to be within each moment. To be the current expression of the One Infinite Love in that moment, the only moment, the now. To realize that you are never the expression that you were only a moment ago. That each expression is unique, and to allow yourself the ability to accept the unique experience being offered. When a person can begin to play within this realm of freedom, acceptance begins to open and become available. It isn’t about going through any experience in the ‘right way’.  It isn’t about acting or reacting in the ‘right way’. It is about experiencing that moment and allowing yourself the opportunity to be your unique expression, your unique self. And within this allowance of self, you will find the beauty of your being and a deeper connection of the One Infinite Love that you are. As you connect more to the truth of your being, you will begin to transcend the very patterns that you would normally criticise. Through acceptance, ease & grace you will begin to easily and effortlessly transform yourself because you are no longer contracting your energy down into guilt, shame, fault, and failure. Once we fully accept ourselves, we have the power to choose to be more of a direct expression of our truth.

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