Hi, I’m Lisa Marie, and welcome to my space Shakti Ma. And this session, we’re going to go over a healing to the belief structure around failure. So this is healing any aspect of yourself that believes that you have failed in any way. Any pain around that belief around those experiences bringing you into the light of awareness that failure isn’t real. Everything is meant to be experienced and through the freedom of allowance. Make it to expand into the magic. Take of what every moment is attempting to express. Let’s go ahead and close your eyes and start by just taking some nice deep breaths. Bringing your awareness to your body. Bringing in the intention of allowance. Allowing the words and the energy to draw light to your shadow. Illuminating and transforming lives allow yourself the discomfort allow yourself to feel. Allow the energy the opportunity to first be seen so that it can be accepted and transformed. So breathing in allowance into the space breathing that allowance into your heart. Allowance to yourself trying awareness to anywhere in your body that is beginning to feel discomfort with the idea, the belief or the memory of failure. Allowing any memories thoughts to arise. Once again allowing any discomfort or emotions to begin to become present in this moment as the energy of failure begins to be lit up within your being.  How have you perceived to fail in life? How have you perceived to fail others. Deep breath.  Allow yourself to see and experiences from a state of neutrality, a state of allowance. All of your perceived failures, all of your perceived faults where you didn’t do something enough. Are you perceived to have made a wrong decision where something feels incomplete the breath into your belly bringing in that allowance allowing all of this energy to be expose.  Beginning to understand, beginning to bring in the awareness that this fault this failure is a perception. Even if shared by more than just yourself it is still a perception. Deep breath. It is a narrowed perception of what occurred as a narrow perception that holds you into a contract and state of being free. See, energy begins to pick up within your body and around you. Allowing yourself to see since feel acknowledge this contraction from a perspective. Allowing the contraction and the belief to be present. Seeing how it is one perspective and limited that one angle of an infinite amount of information and experience one tiny angle of infinite expression. You’re feeling any frustration or anger with the cell, anger at the circumstances allowing this to be seen to be present for free louring the frustration fully be in this space. frustration at the self, frustration at your actions or the reaction of your experience. Feeling that tightness, that contraction breathing into it allowing for the sound just keep breathing and listening to the sound. Deep breath. Allowing all of the emotions to be present unworthiness, self hate and not enough allowing his energy begins to spiral through your body, starting at the very base of your being spiraling through Bry. Allow and you just come for that you feel.  Try to breathe into that discomfort, expanding it with your breath opening it failure. Fall. The pain of your actions towards yourself and towards others breathing into that contracted energy. Yeah No one. Now share allowing his energy begins continues to spiral through your body. Allow. Breathe. Open.  All of these perceptions of your failure and your fault. allow these perceptions to be opened the divine intelligence within every moment within every experience. Allow open to receive. See, the deep breath and your chest expanding as energy spirals into the chest or the illusion lies the illusion that you are not enough in your expression that you somehow fault in your expression that you are a failure within your expression.  Breathe into that open the space. You are supported in this very moment. Let down all of your protection and your barriers down this false belief and open yourself to this late. Open yourself. Deep breath into the chest. open to the truth. The truth of who you are the truth or whatever experience wants to fully express to be experienced in the light of love this light into your chest this love into your chest. Wow, this light to hold all of these experiences of failure and fault and this brightness and this divine frequency. Allow yourself to be held. Allow yourself to open, releasing the pain, releasing the sadness, releasing the illusion of failure and fault. Breathing in this light very than deep breath, breathe it into every part of your heart. Everyone this girl opening space allowing all of the bodies, your entire multidimensional self to harmonize to align with this. Allow breathe. Allowing the alignment feeling your physical body readjust, realign as a prostitute that runs through your entire being aligns with every single aspect of your multidimensional self. Breathe. Allow. Deep breath allowing in this new energy. This new alignment. Deep breath. Breathe it in. Yeah, yeah. For integration just breathe normally, keep breathing as this integration occurs, drawing awareness to the realization that every moment you are working from the current state of awareness. You are doing your best through your actions both for yourself and others. The result or the effect of that may not always come or appear as you would like or his others would like. It is not about results. It’s about from the space in which you move in which you choose giving yourself permission to sink into this space of choice and align it with your innate ability to love. Allowing yourself to let go of the results and allowing instead full expression of the one infinite love through your unique vessel and through your choice.

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