Hi, I’m Lisa Marie and welcome to my space Shakti Ma.

This meditation is the Divine Trinity. It is the connection to the mother, the child and the father completes the triangle and it creates a connection centered in the heart space.

Through this meditation you can both be grounded in your body grounded connected to Gaia to our Divine Mother.

You can be in your heart center connected to your truth and you can be connected to all that is divine father the sun it is a space of complete connection.

Meditation is highly valuable if you want to increase your ability to be intuitive, to increase your intuitive capacity to increase your connection, and whatever manner you wish.

By doing this meditation on a regular basis, you will naturally increase that ability simply through the connection. It’s also a great meditation to simply be in this space, to be grounded to be in the heart and to be connected to your higher self to the divine father to everything.

So, make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and start by taking a couple of deep breaths. Exhaling, letting go. Drive your brain is to your physical body.

Driving awareness to the weight of your body on your sit bones. Or if you’re laying down just the weight of your body exhaling into that bringing your awareness down into your heart space dropping down From your mind into your heart, not just seeing your heart but feeling your heart space.

Feeling as you breathe in and out. Feeling the connection to the infinite love that exists within your heart space. Just allow. Give yourself permission. Breathing in the love, exhaling inhaling the love.

Just allow the space to expand with each exhalation. Like a sphere, the sphere begins to expand slightly larger from a softball into a basketball. Bringing in more love, exhaling, increasing the size of the sphere. 

Inhaling exhaling, increasing the sphere. Until the spheres larger than your chest larger than your upper torso. Now breathing in the love, exhaling the love throughout your body down into your lower chakras to your red to your legs, your feet down into your pelvis and your sacral chakra.

Breathing and allowing and more love opening the heart more exhaling breathing that love down into your solar plexus your navel and tie or lower torso and your legs, your feet.

Inhaling more love breathing it in the space in between your solar and your heart and your entire rib cage. Expansion your bodies to open to this new beautiful energy of love.

Inhale, exhale the love down your arms into your hands. Inhaling through the chest,exhaling up to the neck and into the head.

Keeping your awareness at your heart just inhaling, setting the intention that as you exhale, your entire body is filled with love and your awareness at your heart giving permission to connect to your true essence and that space.

Your soul essence your divine truth that exists there. sending love from your heart to that essence from that essence to your heart inhaling exhaling. Feeling connected to this allow give yourself permission, this beautiful connection.

You’re wearing awareness wanders, just bring it back and continue to love your divine truth. Ask for the part of you that never changes.A part of you that always is.

Surrender surrenders sink into that space.

Through any discomfort any changes return your awareness to that space. Deep breath bringing in the love bringing in your divine true exhaling your love down to Mother Earth to Gaia down all the way into her core thanking her for all of her beauty. Thanking her for all of her love all of her support.

Her strength, her stability beautiful, magical essence. Mountains, the oceans, rainbows, trees, the animals sunrise in the sunset, all her divine protection, de blah and gratitude.

Notice how her love begins to come back. Her love for you. That’s her child. Coming up your body through your feet, your lower legs, into your pelvis. receive her love. Exhale give her love and have received her love.

Allowing her love up into your pelvis up to belly button. Solar Plexus to rib cage into your heart. Receiving their her love for you feeling held by her last by her honored and respected by our being held, nurtured accepted by the Divine Feminine. Bringing awareness back to your essence within your heart space. The part of you that never changes your divine truth and your love your infinite supply of love in ailing.

Inhaling again, and exhaling and sending up your bodies here next to your head out your crown, to our sun, the center of our galaxy to the divine father, to the universe.

Thank you for all of your light. The light of the sun, the light of the moon, the light of the stars pre-expansion constant movement, change transformation.

Your space all of your galaxies, your solar systems, your planets, your stars, your beans.

Black Holes begin to sense as a divine Father sends you love and return energy coming into your crown into your head.

Exhale sending love inhaling receiving his love comes down to your neck and your neck down into your chest.

Feel the love of your divine father and your chest. Love of the masculine energy. The strength the stamina expansiveness, constant energy.

Now draw awareness to the Divine Trinity within the heart space triangle. Allowing the energies, the Divine Mother, divine child, your truth and the divine father to merge to unite. Unity one. Singularity. Oh bad.

Allow his energy to expand into your entire being. Your entire field oneness unity from love, unconditional pure love, connection completion wholeness.

The energy of three energy is six and I energy nine. Deep breath.

Noticing any difference in your body and your space not judging it not labeling and just driving awareness to my curiosity with amusement.

Integrating allowing this new energy understanding this is you breath. This is you this is you. Allow yourself to be in this space breathing in and allowing for as long as you feel necessary.

Thank you.

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