Transcription of Video: Hi, I’m Lisa Marie and welcome to my space Shakti Ma. This is a divine transmission.  I channel pure love light energy. This can come in the way of words, sounds or simply energy. Please know that sometimes this energy is meant to trigger you. Sometimes it is meant to make you feel uncomfortable as it brings up energy that is not an alignment with yourself with your being. So when you come across any discomfort, just breathe deeply and allow and allow the energy, the words or the sound to help move that space for you to go ahead and close your eyes. Take a nice deep breath. Take another one. Take your awareness, your focus to your heart space. Simply allowing your awareness within this space as you continue to breathe. Notice noticing any tension within your chest, any tightness within that space. Nice deep breath allowing the oxygen into your lungs, allowing as you expand your lungs. The muscles between the ribs to stretch to create space. What are you holding on to here in your chest? What is that pressure? Is it light? Or is it heavy? What pressure Have you placed on your heart? The pressure to love yourself or the pressure to love others. The pressure to put your love aside and not love yourself at all. The pressure to not feel the breath. Pressure to not feel. Tonight feel the heaviness within your chest within your heart space. All of the ways in which you have criticized yourself all of the ways in which you have guilted yourself judged yourself. Deep breath. All the ways in which you have not accepted yourself whether that’s in the way that you look and the way that you act in what you do, what you say how you feel, all the ways in which you think do not accept yourself. Feel the heaviness of that energy right now. In this moment, allow yourself to feel the weight that you have placed on your own heart space by not accepting yourself, allowing yourself to see the criticism of self. Where did this come from? Who taught this to you? Allowing any memories and images to appear? From a space of non judgment, just seeing them to what they want to show you. What do they want to represent to you? The absolute pain that you hold the perception of yourself. Deep breath loosening up this energy allowing for the Divine Feminine into this space into this moment allowing this tender nurturing energy into your heart chakra allowing as she begins to loosen up, the self hate the self judgment, self repression. Deep breath. Exhaling out there vibration, exhaling out the self hate the pain with that hate all the pain of the times in which you judged and criticized yourself. Allow this pain to come forward. Allow yourself to feel it to see it to sense it. Then, allow release and surrender. Temporarily surrender to this pain and see that it’s not even true.  Breathe a nice deep inhalation allowing the expansion allowing the Divine Feminine the Divine Mother to love you. Breathing in that love, giving it to yourself. Allowing yourself to love yourself through this love. Allow yourself to be loved through this love. Deep breath breathe it in allowing that tenderness and allowing yourself to feel that tender energy pink in nature, soft, tranquil, peaceful, loving, de brasky breathing in Ireland. K Keep bringing it into your body through your breath. Connect to it, realize you are it. I get to bring up all beliefs that say that you are not keep connecting to it allows bleeps or discomforts to come forward. Keep breathing, keep connecting. You are this tenderness. You are this piece. You are this beautiful pink energy. Deep  breath, bring it in, expanded into your entire being. Breathe in and exhale it down to your sacred breathing and alive. Exhaling it down to the sacra. Breathing in the lab, exhaling it down to sacral. Allowing each place each moment in your body where it doesn’t believe that you are this love to vibrate, to be triggered, to be seen to be felt. See it, feel it, breathe with it through it.  Deep breath. Expansion, breathe, allow. You are so beautiful you are this light who are this love. You are so beautiful and all of your being you are this love and within each and every expression you are this love even the beliefs within self hate. You are this love in the moments when you self criticize and self judge. Remember, this love remember this energy? Choose it, choose to connect to it. Choose to allow it to show you that yourself hate is not you that your self criticism is not you. Deep breath and now this love to unravel your subconscious all the places where you believe that you are not worthy of this love. Deep breath beautiful allow breathe. Allow was the alignment of your product to going through your entire being. Just breathe as you begin to align within this love to this love. Deep breath let your body align naturally, beautiful. Relaxing into the natural alignment the wishes to be present. Feeling the space feeling this new vibration within you. This is you. You are this. This is you. You are this. Another nice deep breath, bring your awareness back to your body. I just feel here so feel the beauty that resides within you. Stay in this space allow this energy to be present. You are so very loved. I love you. Thank you so much for being here with me today.

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