Hi, I’m Lisa Marie, and welcome to my space Shakti Ma.  In this meditation, intention is to connect to more to your higher self. So go ahead and close your eyes. Begin by taking a nice deep breath. Really exhaling. Drawing your awareness to the present moment to the stillness that exists. Another deep inhalation and exhalation. Allowing yourself to be present in this moment and to become aware of this moment noticing how simply the awareness of the moment brings more expansion, more vibrancy and a level of release. So once again inhalation, exhalation. Awareness. Enjoy your awareness to your heart chakra your heart space. Allow yourself to feel. First, the physical body within that space, the rising and the fall of the chest. The air coming in and out of the lungs and the beat of the heart. Notice your awareness of the physical body. Now take your awareness to the energetic space within your heart. Breathing in and out and feeling the energy that resides no judgment. Not even descriptions Just be aware of the energy within this space. Be aware that you are aware of this space bringing in the energy of allowance, openness we’re going to open The Heart Chakra key by breathing. The expand. Now bringing allowing yourself to feel that which is truly you in this space, not allowing the mind to decipher what that means, just intuitively feel you in this space bringing more focus into that which is truly you. If your feeling any resistance, just allow. Breathe. Feel that connection. If you don’t feel the connection, just simply allow it to be. So now we’re going to start to breathe and with each breath bringing more energy to that space that is you. And as you exhale, you’re allowing that energy down your body. Breathing in, exhaling that energy down to solar plexus breathing in, exhaling that energy down to your solar plexus allowing the solar plexus to naturally expand with this your truth. One more time, breathing in, exhaling down your solar plexus and breathing in more awareness more focus on that truth of you exhaling down all the way to your sacral chakra. Once again inhaling. Keep doing that. Allow in Sacra Shakur to expand. This time we’re going to breathe in the energy to all of that space that we’ve already created. Exhaling it all the way down to our route and all the way down to the soles of our feet.  Inhaling last time allowing yourself to inhabit to embody the lower half of your body all the way. Deep breath exhaling yourself down into that space. Yeah. Allow yourself to connect to Gaia. Divine Mother. Hello everyone bringing awareness back to your heart and this time we go the opposite direction we’re going to go up to just like before we start slowly, inhale drying your awareness, the energy into your heart space into that truth of who you are. Exhale it up to your throat chakra.  Allowing that expansion this time inhaling, exhaling up to the six the third, inhaling again. Next time inhaling that expansion. Go to seven inhale again inhale. For connection allow for expansion. Yeah, momentarily taking your focus to your crown chakra. His eyes opened further. Allow, relax, breathe. Bring us back to your heart. This time we’re going to inhale, take it all the way up to your higher self. On the exhale. Inhale. Keep breathing. Beautiful, just relax. Allowing the energy to come from your higher self down to a crown. Down to third eye down your throat into your heart. Bring yourself back to the heart. Bring that connection with you. Surrender relax. From this space you can ask your house or herself questions or just stay in this beautiful frequency. That keep your awareness in your heart. Not allowing your mind Come in, stay in this space and just allow. I will leave you here. Thank you.

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