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Body Image Bs

"your body has become thick and husky" a dear friend said to me.

I won't pretend that the comment didn't hurt...AND I'm more in love with myself and my body then I ever have been.

The comment triggered the inner critic. Although now that voice feels far away, presenting itself like a soft tender whisper of what it used to be - my previous belief of unworthiness and shame.

I started working out when I was 15 years old because I was so scared to look like the women in my family. I was so scared to have their bodies.

I've worked out my entire life. I've been very fit.

But did I love myself?

My body was muscular and lean.

But did I love myself?

My muscles clearly defined, no fat on my body.

But did I love myself?


I forced myself into images that society told me was sexy.

Meanwhile, not acknowledging my own innate sexiness.

All of this has softened. All of this has let go. The soft whisper of the "old me" that is dissolving into the No-Thing of Divine Love.

I feel that old me. I know her and I love her. I allow myself to feel any residual pain that she shows me.

I still work out. But now I work out to love on my body, to maintain its health.

I own the curves of my femininity.

I personally wouldn't call it "thick and husky", AND I'm ok if someone else sees it that way.

I have never felt more sexy in my life.

I have Never. Felt. More. Sexy. In. My. Life!

And its the sexy that doesn't degrade with age. It is the sexy that doesn't need 2 hours of yoga every day to maintain it.

All of that was in the energy of force.

Now I embody power. Power is sexy. Power is the recognition of our innate essence and the allowance of Divine Love through us.

In its wildness... its sexiness... its curviness.

Self love releases you from the shackles of definitions and labels given to you by a society that desires to control you through your self loathing.

A society that sits in a pile of deep pain and self loathing.

So much pain.

The constant ridicule, judgment and hate from one human to another is deeply rooted self loathing.

I've gone into the pain of my own self loathing. I've gone into the pain of the unworthiness and self loathing of humanity.

There is no greater pain. For that pain suggests that you are not worthy. That you are not a direct fractal of God, Source, Love.

It is a separation from your true essence. From your true Sexy As F*ck-ness.

A separation from your true power and ability to heal yourself and others.

A separation from ecstasy and from the light of God that shines through you.

I used that soft whisper that came through to hold any residual self loathing and pain within my heart.

I used the trigger to love myself more.

I used the trigger to locate the pain, dive head first into it and devour it within the light of love.

I love you. My love I love you. I love you right here, right now.

I picked this picture because of the way that my arms are held, the way that my hips are held.

I picked this picture because that little whisper would have picked a different picture. A picture where the pose made me look skinnier. But my self love is much stronger then that voice.

I am love.

In physical human form, we are love. No matter what that form looks like - it is LOVE!

The more you love yourself, the more that love radiates through your skin and the more that you shine as the love that you are.

It is time for us all to break this BS around body image.

And we must individually choose to love all parts of ourselves.

It is up to each one of us.

I hold the light for you. To hold the light for others. To hold the light for all.

I beg of you my love, to feel me in this post.

I beg of you my love to hear my whisper of pain and hear my poignant roar of DEEP SELF LOVE AND HONOROING.

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