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Nervous System Healing Bundle

Release From The Matrix - Nervous System Healing Transmission.

Polarity Harmonization - Nervus System Healing Transmission.

Nervous System Stimulation Exercise - Daily practice to regulate and heal your nervous system.

Humans have been overworked and underplayed.  We have been pushing our bodies and minds in ways that have not served us.

We have not processed and healed our trauma. Instead, we have stored its vibration within our nervous system.

This has caused most of humanity to work within a dysregulated nervous system.



Poor immune system function

Dysfunctional digestive systems - IBS

Mental health problems

Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, 



Poor attention and/or poor memory


As well as emotional instability and so much more!


Regulating your nervous system is VITAL in order to live a life that is pleasurable, easeful, and powerful.

Having a regulated nervous system is a core teaching and foundation of the Creator Consciousness™ Trinity Teaching. 

With a regulated Nervous system you can:

Increase connection, trust, and receive clear intuitive guidance

Increase your capacity for your personal power and creative life force energy to move through your body. (much like the wires of a house)

Increase your capacity to hold more power/wealth

Move more easeful through challenges and intense emotional states

Remain grounded

Handle stress

Embody your Higher Self and thus more of your unique genius


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